Index to the 1905, 1911 & 1918 Doukhobor Village Census

by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff

This online index may be used to locate Doukhobors in the special census of Saskatchewan Doukhobor villages taken in 1905, 1911 and 1918. Use it to identify the Department of Interior file number and Library and Archives Canada or British Columbia Archives microfilm number of each village. Then consult the microfilm copies of the original census to find specific Doukhobor entries.

Index  – North Colony South Colony Good Spirit Lake Annex –   Saskatchewan Colony


North Colony

Village Dept. of Interior File LAC Microfilm BCA Microfilm
Arkhangelskoye RG15 V1167 F5412475 T-15534 B-14200
Bogomdannoye RG15 V1165 F5404662 T-15532 B-14198
Gromovoye RG15 V1165 F5404654 T-15532 B-14198
Khlebodarnoye RG15 V1165 F5404640 T-15532 B-14197
Lyubomirnoye RG15 V1167 F5412461 T-15534 B-14199
Mikhailovka RG15 V1167 F5412457 T-15534 B-14199
Novo-Kamenka RG15 V1165 F5404676 T-15533 B-14198
Novo-Lebedevo RG15 V1167 F5412465 T-15534 B-14200
Osvobozhdeniye RG15 V1167 F5412455 T-15534 B-14199
Pavlovo RG15 V1167 F5412493 T-15535 B-14200
Perekhodnoye RG15 V1168 F5412973 T-15535 B-14200
Pokrovskoye RG15 V1167 F5412481 T-15534 B-14200
Semeonovo RG15 V1166 F5412449 T-15534 B-14199
Staro-Bogdanovka RG15 V1167 F5412477 T-15534 B-14200
Staro-Lebedevo RG15 V1167 F5412465 T-15534 B-14200
Tikhomirnoye RG15 V1167 F5412435 T-15533 B-14199
RG15 V1167 F5412471 T-15534 B-14200
Troitskoye RG15 V1165 F5404672 T-15533 B-14198
Uspeniye RG15 V1167 F5412453 T-15534 B-14199
Vera RG15 V1165 F5404682 T-15533 B-14198
Vozneseniye RG15 V1166 F5412439 T-15534 B-14199

South Colony  

Village Dept. of Interior File LAC Microfilm BCA Microfilm
Besednoye RG15 V1165 F5404658 T-15532 B-14198
Blagodarnoye RG15 V1165 F5404656 T-15532 B-14198
Blagovishcheniye RG15 V1165 F5404670 T-15533 B-14198
Efremovka RG15 V1165 F5404660 T-15532 B-14198
Kapustino RG15 V1165 F5404644 T-15532 B-14197
Lyubovnoye RG15 V1165 F5404674 T-15533 B-14198
Nadezhda RG15 V1167 F5412459 T-15534 B-14199
Novoye RG15 V1168 F5412497 T-15535 B-14200
Otradnoye RG15 V1167 F5412467 T-15534 B-14200
Petrovo RG15 V1167 F5412491 T-15535 B-14200
Novo-Pokrovka RG15 V1167 F5412483 T-15534 B-14200
Prokuratovo RG15 V1167 F5412483 T-15534 B-14200
Rodionovka RG15 V1163 F5412489 T-15535 B-14200
Slavnoye RG15 V1165 F5404678 T-15533 B-14198
Smirenovka RG15 V1166 F5412431 T-15533 B-14199
Sovetnoye RG15 V1166 F5404688 T-15533 B-14198
Spasskoye RG15 V1166 F5412447 T-15534 B-14199
Staro-Kamenka RG15 V1167 F5412485 T-15534 B-14200
Tambovka RG15 V1166 F5412437 T-15533 B-14199
Terpeniye RG15 V1166 F5412443 T-15534 B-14199
Trudolyubovoye RG15 V1165 F5404680 T-15533 B-14198
Truzhdeniye RG15 V1165 F5404660 T-15532 B-14198
Ubezhdeniye RG15 V1166 F5404686 T-15533 B-14198
Verigin RG15 V1166 F5412427 T-15533 B-14199
Vernoye RG15 V1165 F5404668 T-15533 B-14198
Voskreseniye RG15 V1167 F5412469 T-15534 B-14200
Vossianiye RG15 V1166 F5412425 T-15533 B-14199
Vozvysheniye RG15 V1166 F5404684 T-15533 B-14198

Good Spirit Lake Annex

Village Dept. of Interior File LAC Microfilm BCA Microfilm
Blagosklonnoye RG15 V1167 F5412479 T-15534 B-14200
Kalmakovo RG15 V1165 F5404646 T-15532 B-14198
Kirilovka RG15 V1165 F5404666 T-15533 B-14198
Novo-Goreloye RG15 V1165 F5404650 T-15532 B-14198
Novo-Troitskoye RG15 V1168 F5412501 T-15535 B-14200
Moiseyevo RG15 V1165 F5404642 T-15532 B-14197
Staro-Goreloye RG15 V1165 F5404652 T-15532 B-14198
Utesheniye RG15 V1167 F5412451 T-15534 B-14199

Saskatchewan Colony

Village Dept. of Interior File LAC Microfilm BCA Microfilm
Bogdanovka RG15 V1165 F5404664 T-15533 B-14198
Bolshaya Gorelovka RG15 V1167 F5412487 T-15534 B-14200
Kirilovka RG15 V1167 F5412463 T-15534 B-14200
Malaya Gorelovka RG15 V1165 F5404648 T-15532 B-14198
Petrovka RG15 V1164 F5391335 T-15532 B-14197
Pokrovka RG15 V1166 F5404690 T-15533 B-14199
Poziraevka RG15 V1166 F5404692 T-15533 B-14199
Slavyanka RG15 V1167 F5412495 T-15535 B-14200
Spasovka RG15 V1166 F5412429 T-15533 B-14199
Tambovka RG15 V1166 F5412433 T-15533 B-14199
Terpeniye RG15 V1166 F5412441 T-15534 B-14199
Troitskoye RG15 V1166 F5412445 T-15534 B-14199
Uspeniye RG15 V1168 F5412499 T-15535 B-14200


For a description of the 1905, 1911 and 1918 Doukhobor village census, including its historical background, content, usefulness and reliability, availability and published indexes, see the Guide to Doukhobor Census Records.

This article was reproduced by permission in the Bulletin Vol. 40 No. 1 (Regina: Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, March 2009).