Doukhobors at Procter and Sunshine Bay, BC

By Jonathan Kalmakoff and Greg Nesteroff

Recently, Judy Brown of Calgary made an interesting discovery while exploring the Vancouver Public Library’s digitized collection of BC civic directories. While looking for something unrelated, she ended up studying the listings for Procter, where she grew up. The 1918 and 1919 editions of Wrigley’s BC Directory, she discovered, included the curious entry: “Doukhobor Colony bee-keeping.” [1]

The entry is intriguing for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is there is no memory of a Doukhobor colony at that place.

The entry does not identify who the Doukhobors were. No Doukhobor individuals or organization are specifically named. This stands in contrast with other West Kootenay towns listed in the same directories, where Doukhobors appear by corporate name (e.g. “Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood” in Brilliant or “Abrossimoff Bros & Co general store” at Thrums) or by personal name (e.g. “Arakoff, Sam, logging foreman, Salmon Valley Lumber & Pole Co” at Porto Rico or “Samarodin, Nick, planerman, Slocan Valley Lumber & Pole Co” at Koch Siding).

Also, the term “colony” is deceptively non-specific. Most Doukhobor colonies in the West Kootenay numbered from 250 to 2,500 persons. However, the term did not necessarily entail any sort of large-scale presence. As newspapers of the period demonstrate, English-speaking locals seemed to use the term any time two or more families of “foreigners” settled in their midst, especially when they were unfamiliar with their language and customs.

Moreover, it is not clear where the colony was actually located. While the entry appears in the directories under “Procter,” the listings extend well beyond the town itself to the surrounding Procter postal district and include rural farms and ranches as well as the settlement of Sunshine Bay but not Harrop, which was listed separately.

As well, the colony appears to have been short-lived. It is only listed in the civic directories in 1918 and 1919. By 1921, there were no Doukhobors enumerated in the Canada census listings for Procter, Sunshine Bay, Harrop or surrounding West Arm settlements.

Finally, while the colony evidently engaged in beekeeping it is not obvious why it did so at Procter, some 30 miles (48 km) east of the main Doukhobor settlements located along the mid to lower reaches of the Slocan and Kootenay River valleys. There is no record of Doukhobors owning land there at the time.

So who were the Doukhobor colonists at Procter?

1918 listings for Procter (misspelled Proctor) in the Wrigley’s BC Directory.

Community Doukhobors on the West Arm

In April 1911, the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) purchased the former Kootenay Jam Company factory in Nelson and renamed it the Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works. [2] As the factory was capable of processing a substantially larger quantity of produce than the CCUB could initially supply, it purchased fruit and berries from other fruit ranchers throughout the West Kootenay. [3]

Within days of its formation, the Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works announced it was making contracts for fruit with the ranchers on the West Arm, which contained many mature, bearing orchards. [4] The contracts were typically three to five years long, with the Doukhobors often purchasing the fruit on the tree, putting their own pickers in the fields to gather them.

This was a welcome economic stimulus for West Arm fruit-growers, who were often unable to find a market for their excess produce at any price. Indeed, the guaranteed income from these contracts became a selling feature for many improved ranches on the West Arm subsequently placed for sale. [5] The Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works continued to contract fruit from ranchers throughout the surrounding district through 1918-19.

Two of several ads for the sale of West Arm ranches with fruit contracts with the Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works. Nelson Daily News, May 12, 1912.

The supply of Doukhobor communal pickers under these contracts was also a significant benefit to West Arm fruit-growers, who often confronted labour shortages at the height of the picking season. [6] Many growers, impressed with the Doukhobors’ strong work ethic and industry, began hiring them to tend their orchards and market gardens throughout the growing season. By 1912-1913, numerous Doukhobors worked outside their villages on fruit ranches throughout the surrounding district. [7]

Typically, an entire Doukhobor family, and sometimes several, were hired by a fruit-grower in March or early April to live and work on his ranch for the season. They were often provided a rough dwelling or outbuilding for quarters, although some slept in tents. There, they undertook general orchard management, including planting fruit tree saplings, small fruit and vegetables, as well as pruning, spraying, thinning, cultivating, weeding and watering the existing orchard.

They might also clear new land for orchard planting the next year. The entire family participated. By mid-July, they picked and packed fruit and by mid-September, harvested vegetables. By October, they returned to their communal village and turned in their earnings to the central treasury. This working out among the Angliki (English) became an important source of revenue for the CCUB.

Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works ad seeking fruit from Nelson district growers, Nelson Daily News, May 4, 1918.

By 1916, the Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works, now relocated to Brilliant, was purchasing honey as well as fruit from ranchers on the West Arm and elsewhere throughout the district. In February 1918, the Creston Review reported that the Doukhobor enterprise had purchased the “entire output” of beekeepers from as far afield as Creston “at very attractive prices” for the past two years. [8]

It was not stated whether these purchases were intended for the Doukhobors’ own domestic use or for commercial processing and sale. However, considering there is no record of the Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works having sold honey, [9] they likely supplemented the CCUB’s own domestic honey production

Piecing together the Procter colony

In light of the Doukhobor Community’s ongoing purchase of fruit, berries and honey and hiring out of orchard workers and pickers on the West Arm, a picture begins to emerge of the bee-keeping colony at Procter.

The “colony” was surely located on the ranch of an English Canadian fruit-grower at or near Procter; one who contracted his fruit to the Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works in Brilliant. The contract was probably of three years’ duration, commencing in 1917 and ending in 1919. This would explain why the “colony” was already present when the Wrigley’s Directory was compiled in early 1918 but no longer appeared by the 1920 edition. [10]

The “colonists” were almost certainly two to three or more CCUB families; enough to constitute a colony in the eyes of locals. They would have been hired to manage the orchard throughout the growing season, then pick, pack and ship the fruit to the Doukhobor jam factory at Brilliant. They may have even wintered at the ranch.

As for why the Doukhobors were listed in the directory as a colony and not merely as fruit ranch employees, it was undoubtedly because they also engaged in their own beekeeping operation there. The Doukhobors had been avid beekeepers for generations and maintained sizeable apiaries throughout their Kootenay settlements, from the largest to the very smallest. [11] Most often this was not a main vocation but a sideline activity to their agricultural operations.

Apiary run by a single Doukhobor family at the CCUB stopping house in Nelson, 1921. (Courtesy Paul Strelive).

As the Doukhobors well knew, beekeeping and orchard-keeping were highly complementary pursuits, since the fruit tree blossoms provided bees with nectar and pollen as a food source for the hive, while the production of fruit was highly dependent on pollination by bees. Moreover, the fruit-growing season from March through August closely coincided with the bee-foraging, honey production and honey harvest season.

Evidently, the CCUB families hired by the Procter-area rancher brought several beehives from their communal village along with them while they lived and worked at his orchard over several growing seasons. As a single Doukhobor family was capable of keeping 15 to 20 hives as a sideline, [12] the several colony families probably tended as many as 45 to 60 hives and possibly more. This would have made quite an impression upon local residents.

Ultimately, the bees benefited the rancher and neighbours by promoting greater fruit production (and thus profits) through fruit sales to the Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works. For their part, the Doukhobor families gained sizeable honey cash crops of their own while also earning wages for managing the orchard. This helped offset the CCUB’s then-current honey production deficit, [13] reducing the volume of honey it needed to privately purchase for its members.

What is more, the identity of one of the colony families was revealed in a 1952 memoir by former CCUB secretary-treasurer Simeon F. Reibin as well as a very unfortunate circumstance that made local headlines.

As Reibin described it, Alesh (Alex) Stoochnoff (or Stoshnoff) was an old man who lived with his wife and two sons and worked an orchard at Harrop, near Sunshine Bay. Although “very industrious” and “honest,” his character was “dismally peculiar.” Hot-tempered and unable to get along with others, he was exiled with his family from the CCUB settlement at Shoreacres by leader Peter V. Verigin. [14]

Stoochnoff’s sons won Verigin’s approval for their hard work and expertise in tree pruning. Both, however, died prematurely, one from natural causes and the other after falling down a rocky hillside while working at Sunshine Bay. [15] Alex and his “very kind hearted wife” Mavra were left “lonesome and discouraged.” [16]

There was even more grief to endure. Although Reibin did not mention it, the Stoochnoffs also had a daughter, Malicia. [17] In August 1918, the Nelson Daily News reported that Malicia, a “Sunshine Bay Doukhobor,” appeared in provincial police court after neighbours laid an information alleging she “took fits and threw rocks and rushed about,” “attacked” them, and tried “to commit suicide by drowning.” [18]

She was clearly suffering from mental illness, which at the time carried a great deal of fear and stigma. Sadly, the judge found her “insane and dangerous to be at large” and committed her to the New Westminster asylum “for medical examination.” [19]

Nelson Daily News headline, Aug. 7, 1918.

At the time of her committal in 1918, Malicia was reported as “living at” Sunshine Bay and had dwelt there long enough to be deemed a “resident” of that place. [20] Malicia languished in the asylum for three years, dying there in November 1921 at age 36. [21] By that time, her family was back living at Shoreacres, having been removed from their Kootenay Lake orchard after a further falling out with Verigin. [22]

That the Stoochnoffs were members of the “Doukhobor colony” listed in the 1918 and 1919 Procter directories, there can be little doubt. Their tenure at Sunshine Bay, from sometime prior to August 1918 until sometime prior to June 1921 corresponds to the same period the colony was known to exist. Moreover, Sunshine Bay and its residents were listed under Procter in the directory. Finally, they are the only newspaper references to Doukhobors in the Procter district during this period.

Furthermore, a careful study of Malicia’s complainants enables us to pinpoint where the Stoshnoffs were living, and by extension, where the Doukhobor colony was located, in 1918.

The 1918 information laid against Malicia was lodged by Sunshine Bay rancher Robert S. Francis. [23] His allegations were corroborated in provincial police court by the witness testimony of ranchers Oscar B. Appleton and Percival Coles, also of Sunshine Bay. [24] All three men appear in the same directory as the Doukhobor colony under Procter in 1918 and 1919. [25] And as it turns out, they all lived a stone’s throw away from each other.

According to Kootenay Outlet Reflections, the Francis, Appleton and Coles ranches were all situated along Ferguson Road and its intersection with Harrop-Procter Road at the west end of Sunshine Bay. [26] As all three men — and only these three — witnessed episodes of Malicia’s erratic behavior, it is safe to presume that the Stoochnoffs resided in the immediate vicinity within eyeshot of the ranchmen.

Probable location of the Doukhobor bee-keeping colony at Sunshine Bay.

It follows that the location of the Doukhobor colony recorded in the 1918 and 1919 directory can be reasonably narrowed down to an area of about a quarter-mile (500 m) radius around the intersection of Ferguson and Harrop-Procter Roads at Sunshine Bay. Based on these deductions, we may even hazard to guess the identity of the fruit rancher who hosted the Doukhobor colony.

In comparing the 1918 and 1919 Wrigley’s Directory listings for Procter with the Kootenay Outlet Reflections map and legend of early Sunshine Bay ranches, it turns out that the only other ranches in the vicinity at the time were those of Fred Rucks and Joseph Dosenberger, both located on Harrop-Procter Road, immediately east of the Appletons. Either of their ranches could very well be where the Doukhobor colony once stood, although we will likely never know for sure.

In any event, while the “colony” ceased to exist after 1919, it did not spell the end of the Doukhobor presence at Sunshine Bay, Procter and surrounding district.

CCUB member families continued to seasonally work and live on area ranches, picking fruit, managing orchards and growing market gardens through the 1920s and ’30s. For instance, between 1932 and 1939, the Muirhead family of Procter usually hired “four girls from a Doukhobor settlement … They lived in a cabin built for them. They did their own cooking and looked after themselves.” [27]

And by this period, CCUB members were not the only Doukhobors in the area.

Independent Doukhobors at Sunshine Bay & Procter

As early as 1910, Independent Doukhobors settled at Thrums and Tarrys, where they farmed and worked as sawmill labourers and ranch hands. By 1921, census listings and civic directories indicate they had spread out to many small towns and camps in the Trail, Castlegar, Nelson and Grand Forks districts.

By 1922-23, other Independent Doukhobor families settled at Harrop, Procter, and Sunshine Bay to farm or to work in logging and on the railway. Many were already familiar with the area and its opportunities, having worked there as fruit pickers while members of the CCUB. Their presence remained in the area at least into the early 1970s.

In the early 1920s, John and Anna Shlakoff moved to Sunshine Bay from Ootischenia and rented a converted chicken coop on Len Appleton’s property. [28] With them came daughter Polly, son Eli, daughter-in-law Florence, and grandchildren Nellie, Mary, and John. Another grandchild, Florence, was born in 1924. Soon after, the family leased a house in Harrop. They moved to Ymir four years later. [29]

In 1923, Sam and Helen Podmeroff arrived in Procter from Castlegar and settled on the Johnson property. Helen was likely related to the Shlakoffs who were already in the area, as that was her maiden name. The Podmeroffs later moved to Harrop and then to Sunshine Bay, where they built a log home in 1932 and raised four children (including Eli, who was born at Procter).

From Kootenay Outlet Reflections.

Sam worked as an engineer aboard the tugboat Valhalla. His son, Sam Jr., followed his footsteps into the CPR lake service and became a deckhand, then mate, and finally captain of the SS Moyie on Kootenay Lake. He later worked on several other BC lakes. The Podmeroffs also raised a grandson, Serge Plotnikoff, who became well known as a musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer in the Kootenays. In 1971, the Podmeroffs moved to Pitt Meadows. [30]

Peter and Marfa Repin (or Rapin) moved to Sunshine Bay from Brilliant in 1924 with daughters Mary, Daria, and Ahafia to work on farms picking fruit and digging potatoes. Peter and Marfa later relocated to Winlaw, but daughter Mary stayed in Procter with husband Harry Stoochnoff, who worked for the CPR. [31]

The 1925 civic directory for Procter listed a gardener named S. Zarikoff, who may have been the same man as John S. Zarikoff, who married Lucy W. Rilkoff at Procter in 1932. They later moved to Blewett. [32]

In 1934, Alex and Vera Voykin and their children Annie and Alex Jr. moved to the Clift-Donaldson farm about halfway between Procter and Sunshine Bay. Another daughter, Helen, was born there in 1937, delivered by an army doctor who lived next door. In addition to working on the farm, Alex was a night watchman for the CPR. The family moved to Procter around 1940 and built a house there. A final child, Grace, was born in 1943. The Voykins moved to Nelson in 1948. [33]

From Kootenay Outlet Reflections.

Peter and Annie Gretchen came to Procter in the 1930s, where Peter worked as a logger and railway section hand. They lived there until their deaths in the late 1960s. [34]

Peter Gretchen’s sister Molly and her husband Bill Malahoff later moved to the area as well. Bill was a section foreman for the CPR at Tye, on the south arm of Kootenay Lake. Their son Walt boarded with the Gretchens while attending school in Procter in 1936. He would take the train from Tye to Procter on Monday mornings and return on Fridays around midnight. In the late 1930s, Bill and Molly bought the Heighton dairy farm at Procter. Walt and his brother Mike helped out there during the summer, but found jobs away from home during the winter. In 1952, Bill and Molly traded their farm for a home in Kamloops. [35]

From Kootenay Outlet Reflections.

Another Malahoff brother, Steve, bought the Procter general store and post office with his wife Tillie and ran it for a few years before moving to Rossland. [36] Tillie served as acting postmaster from 1943-45. [37]

CPR employee Bill Laktin was transferred from South Slocan to Procter in 1953. He brought his wife Mary and their children Billy, Johnny, Sarah, Nadia, and Elizabeth. They initially lived at Sunshine Bay before moving to Procter. However, they left the area within two years. [38]

To sum up, from 1911 to 1938, the CCUB contracted with ranchers at Sunshine Bay, Procter and elsewhere on the West Arm for the supply of fruit for its jam factory, often supplying Doukhobor pickers and also hiring out Doukhobor families to manage their orchards and market gardens throughout the growing season. The presence of these workers was significant enough in 1918-19 to be listed as a “Doukhobor colony.”

From at least 1922-23 on, they were joined by Independent Doukhobors who settled permanently in the area as farmers, loggers and railwaymen through to the 1970s. They made an important, albeit somewhat unchronicled, contribution to the growth and development of the area.

After Word

This article was originally published on Greg Nesteroff’s Kutne Reader blog site on August 4, 2021; updated on October 4, 2021.

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The Doukhobor Grain Elevator at Brilliant , BC

By Jonathan J. Kalmakoff

Brilliant, British Columbia is known for many things, including its historic orchard lands, its spectacular scenic views of the Kootenay and Columbia River valleys and its picturesque mountain backdrops.  One thing it is not known for, however, is grain growing.  And yet, for a quarter-century, a tall grain elevator towered over the community; albeit one that functioned differently than most other elevators in Western Canada.  This article examines the unique history of the Doukhobor grain elevator at Brilliant.


Beginning in 1908, thousands of members of the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) led by Peter V. Verigin arrived in the West Kootenay from Saskatchewan, where they purchased vast tracts of heavily forested land. 

Doukhobor Communal Enterprise at Brilliant, 1924. BC Archives No. C-01386-141.

Over the next decade, 2,800 Doukhobors[i] settled on 5,350 acres[ii] at Brilliant and Dolina Utesheniya (Ootischenia) at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers.  There, they cleared the land and established 30 communal villages.[iii]  On the non-arable land, they established various industries including sawmills, a planer mill, shingle mill, stave mill, box-making factory, linseed oil processing plant, fruit spray manufacturing facility, pumping plant and electrical works, two large irrigation reservoirs, a harness shop and large jam factory.  On the arable land, they planted 1,435 acres of orchard (apple, pear, plum and cherry trees)[iv] and another 2,706 acres of berries (strawberries, raspberries and currents), potatoes, fiber crops (flax, hemp), forage crops (clover and hay) and feed crops (oats and millet).[v]     

The burgeoning settlement was self-sufficient in virtually every respect, save for one.  While the Doukhobors there grew small plots of wheat, including 55 acres at the north end of Ootischenia and 15 acres on the third bench at Brilliant, they did not produce remotely enough wheat to satisfy their domestic needs.  As flour was a staple food item among Doukhobors, this posed a serious problem.   

Prairie Wheat

To address this, Peter V. Verigin arranged for surplus wheat grown by the CCUB on the Prairies, where it had thousands of acres of grain land, to be milled into flour and shipped to Brilliant and Ootischenia from 1909 on.[vi]  At first, it was a one-way exchange.  However, as the settlement grew and developed, especially after its orchards came into bearing between 1912 and 1918, it traded its locally-produced fruit, jam and timber for Prairie wheat and flour.   

CCUB Grain Elevator at Brilliant, BC, c. 1922. BC Archives No. C-01790.

To further facilitate this exchange, in September 1912, the Doukhobor leader first proposed building a local grain elevator to store the wheat shipped in from the Prairies and a grist mill to manufacture flour from it.[vii]  The mill was constructed at the northeast end of Ootischenia, which was called Kamennoye, by December 1914.[viii]  However, it was several more years before the elevator was built.    

The Elevator

Between October 1917 and August 1918,[ix] CCUB work crews erected a large grain elevator on the south side of the Canadian Pacific Railway Rossland Branch right-of-way, immediately west of the Kootenay-Columbia Preserving Works jam factory on the main bench of Brilliant. 

The Doukhobors were proficient elevator builders at the time, having constructed nine grain elevators owned and operated by the CCUB at Verigin, Arran, Ebenezer, Canora and Kylemore, SK and at Cowley and Lundbreck, AB as well as numerous others built for hire for private grain companies.

The one at Brilliant was a ‘standard plan’ elevator of wood crib construction clad in tin on a concrete foundation, about 35 x 35 feet wide x 70 feet high, with a gable cupola facing north-south.  It had a storage capacity of 30,000 bushels of grain.  Originally painted white, it was repainted dark brown between 1925 and 1927.  Emblazoned on its east and west sides were the words, “The Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood Ltd.”    

Attached on the south side of the elevator was a wooden ramp, receiving shed and office.  On its west side was an attached engine shed containing a stationary gasoline engine which provided the motive power to operate the elevator.  Attached on the east side was a large flour warehouse that stored bagged flour received from the Prairies.        


The Brilliant grain elevator operated continuously from 1918 until 1938.  Throughout this time, it followed a more or less regular seasonal routine.

Each September through October, after the CCUB Prairie grain harvest was completed, railroad boxcars loaded with bulk wheat were shipped from CCUB Prairie elevators to Brilliant.  Each boxcar held between 1,200 and 1,500 bushels and up to 20 boxcars were dispatched each year.  Once they arrived at Brilliant, the boxcars were spotted (parked) on the railway siding beside the elevator for unloading. 

To unload a boxcar, the exterior door was slid open and the wooden boards nailed across the interior opening were removed, one at a time, starting from the top.  This allowed the wheat to flow out the door into the horse-drawn grain wagon parked beside it.  Each wagon held 100 bushels and 12-15 wagons were required to unload a single boxcar.[x]  Once the wooden boards were removed and wheat ceased to flow out the boxcar door, the remaining wheat was shoveled out by hand.       

Inside a Grain Elevator. Courtesy Commonwealth Journal.

Each loaded wagon was then driven by a Doukhobor teamster into the elevator receiving shed where it was unhitched from its team, weighed on the scale and then lifted using hand-operated crank hoists to dump the grain into the receiving pit below.  Once empty, the wagon was lowered and reweighed.  The difference between weights determined the volume of wheat received.  The wheat was then carried from the pit to the top or ‘head’ of the elevator by means of a ‘leg’, a continuous belt with carrying cups.  From the head, the grain was dumped into one of several bins where it was stored.  Over several weeks, up to 300 wagon-loads of grain were received by the elevator until it reached its storage capacity. 

When wheat stored in the elevator was needed for milling, it was emptied by gravity flow from the bin into a hopper and back down into the pit, where it was then carried back up the ‘leg’ to an unloading spout that emptied in the receiving shed into a horse-drawn grain wagon parked there.  The loaded wagon was then driven across the suspension bridge to the grist mill at Kamennoye to be ground into flour. 

As the grist mill had a relatively limited capacity of 100 bushels a day, only one wagon-load of wheat was typically discharged from the grain elevator each day.  It therefore took some 300 days to fully empty the elevator, by which time, new boxcars of wheat would arrive from the latest Prairie harvest.  And so the cycle repeated itself.    

When flour milled by the CCUB on the Prairies was shipped to Brilliant, the bags of flour were unloaded from the boxcar by hand and carried to the elevator flour warehouse where they were stacked and stored. 


Initially, the CCUB Brilliant Branch Manager was responsible for the operation of the grain elevator.  From 1918 to 1923, this was Michael M. Koftinoff, and from 1924 to 1926, it was Larion W. Verigin.  By 1928, the elevator had its own Manager, which in that year was John J. Zoobkoff, while from 1929 to 1932 it was Michael W. Soukeroff.[xi]  Several labourers assisted the Manager with grain handling.    

Licensing Status

The Brilliant elevator operated quite differently than most elevators in Western Canada.  It did not receive grain from members of the public.  And while it received grain privately owned by the CCUB, it did not receive any that was locally produced.  Indeed, it did not deal directly with producers at all.  Also, it did not handle un-inspected grain, since the grain it received was already inspected at the CCUB Prairie elevators.  Nor did it purchase, handle, store or sell any grain for commerce.  Finally, it did not ship out any grain by rail.       

Doukhobor Grain Elevator at Brilliant, 1927. Courtesy Doukhobor Discovery Centre/John Kalmakov.

Because of its unique mode of operation, the grain storage facility did not legally fit the definition of a “public elevator”, “country elevator”, “primary grain dealer” nor “private elevator” so as to require a license under The Canada Grain Act.  Consequently, with one exception, it was never licensed while in operation.[xii] 

The Demise of the CCUB

For two decades, the grain elevator served as an essential component of the CCUB food supply chain, helping keep bread on the tables of the Doukhobors of Brilliant and Ootischenia. 

However, by mid-1936, the CCUB was bankrupt.  Its collapse was the combination of various factors, including low prices for its agricultural and industrial products during the Great Depression; oppressive interest rates on its mortgaged properties; a declining membership base, placing the debt load on disproportionately less members; non-payers of annual allotments among its members; the enormous losses to its capital assets suffered from incendiarism; as well as financial mismanagement.[xiii]

In May 1938, the Brilliant grain elevator and other CCUB properties were foreclosed upon by the receiver for the National Trust Company Limited, having been pledged as collateral to secure the bankrupt organization’s debt.[xiv]  For the next five years, it sat empty and unused except as casual storage.  Then in October 1942, it was transferred to the Government of British Columbia.[xv]  However, the Government’s tenure over the elevator proved to be short-lived. 

Destruction of the Elevator

In November 1942, the vacant elevator was completely destroyed in a suspicious fire.[xvi]  The property damage was valued at $4,000.00 for the structure and $2,500.00 for its contents.[xvii]  Provincial police investigated possible incendiary origin of the fire, suspecting radical Sons of Freedom;[xviii] however, no charges were ever laid. 

News report of elevator fire, The Province, November 12, 1942.


Today there are no physical traces of the grain elevator at Brilliant.  The site where it stood at 1839 Brilliant Road is now occupied by a landscaping company.  However, the story of this iconic structure serves to remind us of the ingenuity, determination and productivity of the once-flourishing Doukhobor communal organization it was a part of.   

After Word

An earlier version of this article was originally published in the Trail Times, November 3, 2020 edition and the Castlegar News and Nelson Star November 4, 2020 editions.

End Notes

[i] In October 1912, there were 2,203 Doukhobors at Brilliant and Dolina Utesheniya: W. Blakemore, Report of Royal Commission on Matters Relating to the Sect of Doukhobors in the Province of British Columbia, 1912 (Victoria: Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, 1913) at 35. By March 1914, there were 2,800 Doukhobors living there: Joseph, P. Shoukin, Calgary Daily Herald, March 28, 1914.  And in June 1921 there were 2,492 Doukhobors residing in these areas: 1921 Canada Census, District No. 18 Kootenay West, Sub-District No. 10 Trail, pages 1-30 and Sub-District No. 10A Trail, pages 1-23.

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[x] A lesser number might have been used, provided they first unloaded their wheat in the elevator and then returned to the boxcar for another load.

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Canora Cemetery

Doukhobors in the Canora Cemetery

Surnames S-Z

Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Saliken Anne F. 1915 1994 Wife of Peter
Saliken Fred N. 1916 1971
Saliken Mabel 1914 1998 Wife of Fred
Saliken Mary 1920 2001
Saliken Mary 1887 1955 Wife of Nikolai
Saliken Mike S. 1888 1965
Saliken Nastia M. 1866 1968 Wife of Mike
Saliken Nick M. 1914 1980
Saliken Nikolai N. 1887 1961
Saliken Peter N. 1908 1975
Saliken Ron H. 1954 1990
Salikin Mildred A. 1902 1968 Wife of Nick
Salikin Nick S. 1901 1977
Salliken Jim J. 1906 1992
Salliken John J. 1914 1990
Savenkoff Florence 1923 1996 Wife of William
Savenkoff William 1916 2005
Semenoff Mary 1892 1974 Wife of Paul
Semenoff Paul 1921 1975
Semenoff Paul 1888 1961
Sherstobitoff Mike 1914 1954
Sherstobitoff Nastia 1888 1973 Wife of Sam
Sherstobitoff Sam 1889 1964
Shishkin Alecksay 1840 Feb. 10, 1918 Died – age 78
Shishkin Alena 1893 1980 Wife of Nick
Shishkin Annie 1885 1965 Wife of James
Shishkin Fred J. 1920 1975
Shishkin Helen E. 1864 1950 Wife of Wasil
Shishkin James A. 1881 1967
Shishkin John 1885 1965
Shishkin Nastia 1890 1968 Wife of John
Shishkin Nick W. 1894 1985
Shishkin Nikolay 1911 Apr. 4, 1918 Died – age 7
Shishkin Wasil A. 1865 1942
Shishkin Wasyl 1913 1984
Shukin 1902 1988
Shukin Alice 1927 Vacant – Wife of
Shukin Doris 1922 Vacant – Wife of
Shukin Fred P. 1920 1986
Shukin Helen P. 1915 1985
Shukin Henry P. 1925 1989
Shukin Joe J. 1901 1978
Shukin John J. 1905 1983
Shukin Lusha 1877 1965
Shukin Mary 1908 1976 Wife of Mike
Shukin Mike 1907 1970
Shukin Molly 1909 1991 Wife of John
Shukin Molly 1905 1980 Wife of Nick
Shukin Natalie D. Jul. 1967 Feb. 1968
Shukin Nick 1905 1957
Shukin Pearl W. 1888 1977 Wife of Wasil
Shukin Peter W. 1920 1974
Shukin Polly 1905 1987 Wife of Joe
Shukin Wasil P. 1890 1953
Shukin William Jul. 25, 1912 May 15, 1955
Skurat Annie Nov. 10, 1907 Aug. 8, 1988 Nee Swetleshnoff 
Skurat Laura 1914 Vacant – Nee Kazakoff
Skurat Sergey 1911 1972
Skurat Xenofont Jan. 30, 1911 Vacant
Slusar Fanny 1902 1978 Nee Hancheroff
Slusar Mike 1898 1975
Smorodin Alex H. 1874 1946
Smorodin Ann 1915 2003
Smorodin Anna E. 1893 1978 Wife of Wasily
Smorodin Dora 1877 1946 Wife of Alex
Smorodin George 1891 1982
Smorodin George W. 1925 2003
Smorodin Helen 1915 1995 Wife of Peter
Smorodin Helen 1922 1972
Smorodin John W. 1916 1966
Smorodin Leonard W. 1953 1979
Smorodin Lucy 1925 1999 Wife of Wesley
Smorodin Mabel 1873 1958 Wife of Metro
Smorodin Metro 1871 1943
Smorodin Peter 1913 1997
Smorodin Polly 1892 1964 Wife of George
Smorodin Wasil A. 1894 1983
Smorodin Wasily D. 1894 1991
Smorodin Wesley 1918 2000
Sookocheff Mabel 1903 1997
Sookochoff Anastasia 1890 1976 Wife of John
Sookochoff John 1907 1970
Sookochoff John P. 1890 1955
Sookochoff Kathleen 1939 1960
Sookochoff Nick 1885 1961
Sookochoff Polly 1886 1973
Sopoff Anna 1896 1982 Wife of Frank
Sopoff Frank 1884 1967
Strelieff George F. 1916 1981
Strelieff Polly 1910 Wife of George
Strelioff Annie 1914 1981 Wife of Nicholas
Strelioff Annie 1899 1991 Wife of George
Strelioff George P. 1897 1972
Strelioff John J. 1905 1975
Strelioff Larry Jul. 20, 1933 Nov. 19, 1935
Strelioff Mary 1918 Vacant – Wife of
Strelioff Nicholas J. 1907 1963
Strelioff Nicholas W. 1909 1993
Strelioff Pauline F. 1914 1961 Wife of Nicholas
Strelioff Polly 1906 1988 Wife of John
Strelioff Polly 1891 1961 Wife of Wasyl
Strelioff Ronald W. Jul. 6, 1945 Jan. 4, 1995
Strelioff Wasyl 1912 1998
Strelioff Wasyl 1889 1964
Stushnoff Alex 1916 2004
Stushnoff Mabel 1917 1987
Stushnoff Mabel N. 1904 1978
Sukorokoff Ivan 1945 1991
Sukorokoff Mary P. 1902 1983 Wife of William
Sukorokoff Michael W. 1924 1990
Sukorokoff Parana 1877 1955 Wife of Petro
Sukorokoff Pauline J. 1924 Vacant – Wife of
Sukorokoff Petro G. May 20, 1850 Jun. 16, 1939
Sukorokoff Sylvia 1945 Vacant – Wife of
Sukorokoff William P. 1900 1972
Swetleshnoff Anesia 1884 1977 Wife of Mike
Swetleshnoff Diana Nov. 12, 1910 Dec. 11, 1984 Nee Reibin
Swetleshnoff Fred M. May 25, 1905 Oct. 18, 1993
Swetleshnoff Harry Oct. 1934 Jun. 1957
Swetleshnoff John J. 1908 1984
Swetleshnoff Mabel A. 1907 2002 Wife of John
Swetleshnoff Mary 1910 1941
Swetleshnoff Mike F. 1882 1970
Swetleshnoff Nellie 1914 1993 Wife of Nicholas
Swetleshnoff Nicholas 1912 1980
Swetleshnoff William M. 1917 1984
Swetlikoff John 1898 1975
Swetlikoff Mary 1900 1987 Wife of John
Tarasoff Andrew 1874 1962
Tarasoff * Fenya K. Feb. 20, 1892 Nov. 15, 1918
Tarasoff M.W. Died – age 67
Tarasoff Mabel 1912 1998 Wife of Thos.
Tarasoff * Mary 1893 Oct. 6, 1919 Died – age 26
Tarasoff N.F. Died – age 78
Tarasoff Nick 1907 1953
Tarasoff Thos. 1914 1995
Tarasoff Vera 1880 1935 Wife of Andrew
Tarasoff Wasyl K. 1898 Dec. 13, 1928 Died – age 30
Terichow Fred 1913 1980
Terichow Hazel 1918
Tofan John 1910 Vacant
Tofan Lena 1911 1991 Nee Chursinoff
Tomilin Mabel 1908 1992 Nee Zbitniff
Tzupa John M. 1922 1997
Tzupa John 1922 1997
Tzupa Mary 1929 Vacant – Nee Zbitniff
Vanjoff Helen 1905 1969 Wife of Wasyl
Vanjoff Wasyl 1904 1989
Veregin Emily 1916 Vacant – Wife of
Veregin Jacob 1910 1987
Veregin Nicholas W. 1900 1984
Veregin Polly 1904 2000 Nee Harelkin
Wheeler Mary M. 1956 Vacant – nee
Wishlow Alexie K. 1892 1980
Wishlow Arena W. 1891 1960 Wife of Savely
Wishlow Dora S. 1904 1996 Wife of Fred
Wishlow Fred J. 1901 1975
Wishlow George S. Nov. 24, 1916 Nov. 26, 1998
Wishlow Helen 1904 1997 Wife of Mike
Wishlow Helen S. 1910 1997
Wishlow John 1918 1990
Wishlow Mary 1914 Vacant – Wife of
Wishlow Mary 1873 1952 Wife of Peter
Wishlow Mary S. 1892 1975 Wife of Alexie
Wishlow Mike P. 1904 1960
Wishlow Nellie
Aug. 27, 1914 Oct. 22, 1992 Wife of George
Wishlow Peter S. 1874 1954
Wishlow Savely P. 1892 1985
Zaitsoff Mary Jan. 1, 1900 Dec. 7, 1975
Zbeetnoff Alosha 1866 1960
Zbeetnoff Annie Sep. 16, 1901 Sep. 14, 1992 Wife of Peter
Zbeetnoff Peter May 8, 1921 Dec. 26, 2000
Zbeetnoff Peter May 10, 1900 Nov. 25, 1992
Zbeetnoff Tatyana 1867 1954 Nee Salikin
Zbitniff Ann 1906 1988 Wife of Max
Zbitniff Frederick 1946 1975
Zbitniff Helen 1881 1968
Zbitniff John J. 1902 1971
Zbitniff John M. 1925 1987
Zbitniff Max 1907 1969
Zbitniff Tena 1927 1975 Wife of John
Zeeben George 1894 1965
Zeeben Lucy 1923 1998
Zeeben Lukeria 1859 1937 Wife of Nikolai
Zeeben Mary 1895 1985 Wife of George
Zeeben Nikolai 1862 1947
Zeiben Dora 1900 2001
Zeiben John J. 1924
Zietsoff Hazel 1942 1976
Zmaeff Lusha S. 1894 1997 Wife of Sam
Zmaeff Mike E. 1876 1964
Zmaeff Sam J. 1892 1974
Zmaeff Tatyana 1879 1969 Wife of Mike
Zuravloff Mary 1908 1998 Wife of Sam
Zuravloff Sam 1911 1965
Zurovloff Fred 1895 1957
Zurovloff Mabel 1895 1956 Wife of Fred
Zurovloff Polly 1904 1973

*Translated from Russian.

Canora Cemetery

Doukhobors in the Canora Cemetery

Surnames K-R

Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Kabatoff Annie 1916 1967 Wife of Peter
Kabatoff Metro 1900 1978
Kabatoff Peter 1911 1982
Kabatoff Peter N. 1907 1986
Kabatoff Polly 1900 1965 Wife of Metro
Kabatoff Winnie 1902 1979 Wife of Peter
Kalmakoff Alex A. 1871 1918
Kalmakoff Alex J. 1932 2004
Kalmakoff Annie 1889 1979 Wife of Fred
Kalmakoff Annie E. 1870 1951
Kalmakoff Fred A. 1887 1959
Kalmakoff John A. 1908 1976
Kalmakoff Mabel 1911 Vacant – Wife of
Kalmakoff * Maria S. 1844 Mar. 7, 1930 Died – age 86
Kalmakoff Mary 1855 1935 Wife of Stephen
Kalmakoff Nastia 1894 1978 Wife of Peter
Kalmakoff Peter S. 1890 1982
Kalmakoff Semen 1845 Feb. 10, 1920 Died – age 75
Kalmakoff Stephen 1851 1906
Kalmakoff Violet 1933 1963 Wife of Alex
Kalmakoff Wasil A. 1882 1955
Kanygin Annie 1905 1977 Wife of Peter
Kanygin Peter 1901 1978
Kareff Mary Oct. 29, 1902 Mar. 7, 1988 Wife of Paul
Kareff Mike 1926 1996
Kareff Paul Jun. 10, 1898 Dec. 7, 1990
Katelnikoff Marie 1914 1973
Katelnikoff Pete L. 1904 1979
Katelnikoff Polly 1903 1986 Wife of Pete
Kazakoff Helen 1902 1997
Kazakoff Lena 1926 Vacant – Wife of
Kazakoff William 1914 1990
Kobatoff Avdotia 1865 1948
Konkin Anne Vacant – Wife of
Konkin Larion 1890 1974
Konkin Larry 1925 1987
Konkin Mary 1892 1982 Wife of Larion
Konkin Mary 1909 2001 Wife of Peter
Konkin Peter 1907 1973
Kotelnikoff Ann 1921 1996
Kotelnikoff John 1909 1992
Kotusonoff Christine N. May 2, 1933 Jun. 15, 1998
Kotusonoff John A. Apr. 8, 1910 Apr. 4, 1995
Kozlow Pearl 1908 1991
Kozlow Peter 1911 1991
Kozlow Peter May 13, 1939 Aug. 21, 1990
Krukoff Wife of John J.
Krukoff Annie N. 1909 1972 Wife of Peter
Krukoff Doris 1918 Vacant – Wife of
Krukoff Fanny A. 1888 1965 Wife of Mike
Krukoff Fred N. 1892 1969
Krukoff George 1911 Vacant
Krukoff George M. 1881 1973
Krukoff Helen 1920
Krukoff John J.
Krukoff John M.
Krukoff Martha 1893 1975 Wife of Fred
Krukoff Mary
Krukoff Mary P. 1910 Vacant – Wife of
Krukoff Michael 1910 1989
Krukoff Mike M. 1886 1964
Krukoff Nick G. 1905 1990
Krukoff Pearl 1915 2004
Krukoff Pearl J. 1885 1968 Wife of George
Krukoff Peter F. 1930 Vacant
Krukoff Peter M. 1892 1979
Krukoff Sonnia 1941 2003 Wife of Peter
Krukoff Virginia 1938
Krukoff Wasyl J. 1903 1962
Krukoff Wasyl P. Apr. 30, 1934 Oct. 14, 1981
Lactin Mable 1913 2001
Lapshinoff Annie 1874 1960
Lapshinoff Dora 1905 1988 Wife of Peter
Lapshinoff Elsie 1931 2000 Wife of Mike
Lapshinoff Mike 1930 1993
Lapshinoff Nikolae 1883 1957
Lapshinoff Parania 1884 1952 Wife of Nikolae
Lapshinoff Peter 1904 1981
Lapshinoff Tina Vacant – Wife of
Lapshinoff William 1915 1993
Lazaroff Mable J. 1904 1996 Wife of Wasyl
Lazaroff Mary 1904 1997 Wife of Mike
Lazaroff Mike 1927 2002
Lazaroff Mike W. 1902 1967
Lazaroff Nick N. 1891 1981
Lazaroff Pearl 1933 Vacant – Wife of
Lazaroff Peter W. Mar. 21, 1925 Sep. 11, 1952
Lazaroff * T. 1870 1958 Died – age 88
Lazaroff * V.P. 1871 Jul. 21, 1943 Died – age 72
Lazaroff Wasyl W. 1904 1991
Lazaroff Xristia 1897 1981 Wife of Nick
Lungul Lillie 1904 1982 Nee Woykin
Lungul Nick 1907 1996
Lungul Sam 1929 2005
Makaroff Mavrunia S. 1878 1937
Makortoff Walter 1901
Malakoff Mary 1909 2003 Wife of Mike
Malakoff Mike 1903 1991
Malloff Alex F. 1856 Aug. 9, 1937 Died – age 81
Malloff Peter N. 1901 1977
Malloff Polly J. 1901 1991 Wife of Peter
Mallow John D. 1886 1973
Mallow Pearl S. 1886 1972
Mallow Vera Pearl 1915 1986
Maloff * D.N. 1932
Maloff Fred 1897 1928
Maloff Pearl 1860 1940
Maloff Polly 1895 1989
Marchinkow Ann 1912 1998 Nee Popoff
Morozoff Andrew P. 1918 1970
Morozoff Kathleen 1922 1996 Wife of Andrew
Morozoff Mary 1891 1980 Wife of Peter
Morozoff Peter S. 1884 1964
Nash Mary 1916 1988 Wife of Peter
Nash Peter 1916 1979 aka Nechvolodoff
Nechvolodoff Katherina 1886 1962 Wife of Nick
Nechvolodoff Nick 1888 1960
Negraeff Anna 1882 1972 Wife of Joseph
Negraeff John 1913 1977
Negraeff Joseph P. 1885 1932
Negraeff Mike 1897 1953
Negraeff Peter 1878 1958
Negraeff Tena 1891 1950 Wife of Peter
Nichvolodoff Peter 1913 1986
Nichvolodov Walter 1911 2000
Nichvolodow Helen 1909 1962 Wife of Nick
Nichvolodow Nick 1908 1980
Novakshonoff John 1909 1997
Novakshonoff Mack N. 1907 1973
Novakshonoff Mary 1907 1992 Wife of Mack
Novakshonoff Mary 1887 1965 Wife of Nick
Novakshonoff Nick 1887 1980
Novakshonoff Pearl 1909 1991 Wife of John
Novokshonoff Mary 1878 1959 Wife of Savely
Novokshonoff * Savely 1875 1958
Osachoff Evelyn Apr. 25, 1928 Vacant – Wife of
Osachoff Fred 1919 1993
Osachoff Fred F. Mar. 18, 1908 Nov. 27, 1980
Osachoff Fred M. 1886 1973
Osachoff Mabel Oct. 2, 1908 Aug. 25, 1997 Wife of Fred
Osachoff Polly 1886 1955 Wife of Fred
Osachoff William Jul. 2, 1921 Apr. 13, 1997
Ostoforoff Aldotia 1880 1959
Ostoforoff Anna 1886 1974
Ostoforoff John 1908 1981
Ostoforoff Peter 1913 2005
Ozoroff Nick 1900 1962
Ozoroff Tania 1875 1957
Padmoroff Andrew 1884 1963
Padmoroff Mary 1885 1968 Wife of Andrew
Padmoroff Nick A. 1912 1963
Pereversoff Annie F. 1891 1959
Pereversoff Fred S. 1908 1960
Petroff Aksinie 1886 1964 Wife of John
Petroff Anna 1888 1961 Wife of George
Petroff Fannie 1906 1997 Wife of Stanley
Petroff George 1891 1977
Petroff John 1886 1962
Petroff Stanley J. 1906 2004
Phillipoff Mike 1913 1967
Phillipoff Tena 1918 2000
Plaxin Alexander A. 1922 1962
Plaxin Hannah 1893 1956 Wife of John
Plaxin Helen 1914 1999 Wife of John
Plaxin John C. 1892 1968
Plaxin John J. 1914 1990
Pohozoff Fred W. 1917 1990
Pohozoff Hanna 1886 1980 Wife of Wasyl
Pohozoff Wasyl P. 1886 1958
Pohozoff William W. 1914 1940
Polovnikoff Aldotia 1896 1970 Nee Plaxin
Polovnikoff Arefey J. 1877 1953
Polovnikoff Fedosia A. 1880 1955 Wife of Arefey
Polovnikoff John S. Cremation
Polovnikoff Martha 1907 1973
Polovnikoff Steve 1891 1965
Popoff * Anastasia N. 1900 Mar. 5, 1919 Died – age 19
Popoff Andrew 1871 1955
Popoff Ann Dianne 1954 1963
Popoff Annie 1901 1983 Wife of Wasyl
Popoff Annie 1882 1977
Popoff Axenia 1877 1947 Wife of Andrew
Popoff Dasha 1860 1950 Wife of Mike
Popoff Evelyn M. 1918 1973
Popoff George W. 1911 1978
Popoff George W. 1899 1982
Popoff Helen 1904 1931
Popoff Ivan J. 1915 Vacant
Popoff John 1830 1926
Popoff John M. 1890 1959
Popoff Mabel 1907 1994 Wife of George
Popoff Mabel 1890 1967 Wife of Wasil
Popoff Maria 1871 1946 Wife of Nicholai
Popoff Mary 1913 Vacant – Wife of
Popoff Mary 1914 1987 Wife of Wasyl
Popoff Mike J. 1860 1948
Popoff Nastia 1889 1970 Wife of John
Popoff Nicholai W. 1864 1947
Popoff Pearl 1880 1969 Wife of Wasyl
Popoff Polly P. 1896 1954 Wife of Wasyl
Popoff Robert 1937 1977
Popoff Sam 1928 1973
Popoff Sam F. 1891 1969
Popoff Sam F. 1902 1955
Popoff Wasil 1893 1979
Popoff Wasyl A. 1892 1973
Popoff Wasyl J. 1879 1964
Popoff Wasyl M. 1893 1956
Popoff Wasyl W. 1909 1986
Popoff William F. 1907 1982
Reibin Joseph K. 1892 1967
Reibin Vera P. 1893 1951 Wife of Joseph
Reilkoff Fred 1882 1972
Reilkoff Henry 1915 2000
Reilkoff Nastia 1884 1985 Wife of Fred
Reilkoff Peter 1913 1981
Reilkoff Polly 1920 Vacant – Wife of
Rieben Mike M. 1909 1981
Rieben Peter M. 1914 1983
Rieben Polly S. 1912 Vacant – Wife of

*Translated from Russian.

Canora Cemetery

Doukhobors in the Canora Cemetery

Surnames A-J

Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Abetkoff Aksuta 1892 1979 Wife of George
Abetkoff George W. 1894 1963
Abetkoff Mable 1914 1994
Baulin Peter S. 1914 1991
Berdun Annie 1911 1996 Nee Horkoff
Bonderoff Marta A. 1873 1957 Wife of Pete
Bonderoff Mike N. 1924 2004
Bonderoff Nelly 1902 1990
Bonderoff Nick P. 1902 1971
Bonderoff Pete M. 1868 1957
Borousky Margaret Piluke 1914 2005
Chernenkoff Martha Wife of Wasyl
Chernenkoff Wasyl
Chernoff Anna 1882 1967 Wife of Fred
Chernoff Brenda Lee 1957 1987
Chernoff Brian P. 1919 1992
Chernoff Dora Nov. 17, 1912 Dec. 18, 2003 Wife of Peter
Chernoff Fred F. 1907 1959
Chernoff Fred W. 1882 1974
Chernoff Helen 1921 1997
Chernoff Helen 1919 Vacant – Wife of
Chernoff Lillian Nov. 1912 Feb. 1979
Chernoff Nastasia 1890 1972
Chernoff Nellie 1913 Vacant – Wife of
Chernoff Peter P. 1907 1984
Chernoff Peter P.K. Jul. 3, 1912 Oct. 30, 1998
Chernoff Peter S. 1908 1978
Chernoff Peter W. 1876 1960
Chernoff Polly 1911 1997 Wife of Fred
Cheveldeoff Molly 1882 1960 Wife of Sam
Cheveldeoff Sam 1883 1965
Chursinoff Alex 1946 Vacant
Chursinoff Bill 1908 1975
Chursinoff Daniel 1943 1978
Chursinoff Dora 1913 1997 Wife of Bill
Chursinoff Fannie Jun. 15, 1912 Jul. 25, 1995 Wife of John
Chursinoff George P. 1890 1960
Chursinoff Hanna 1891 1959 Wife of George
Chursinoff Jack 1906 1969
Chursinoff John Feb. 15, 1915 May 18, 1997
Chursinoff Mike 1914 1972
Chursinoff Polly 1904 1981 Wife of Jack
Demofsky Dorothy 1923
Demofsky Pearl N. 1890 1972 Wife of Peter
Demofsky Peter P. 1890 1972
Demofsky William P. 1916 1983
Dergousoff Dora E. 1877 1953 Wife of John
Dergousoff Doris J. 1911 1990
Dergousoff Helen 1912 1991
Dergousoff Jacob 1894 1983
Dergousoff John E. 1878 1958
Dergousoff John E.E. 1901 1976
Dergousoff John N. 1907 1983
Dergousoff * Joseph 1917 Oct. 1, 1926 Died – age 9
Dergousoff Kuzma E. 1897 1979
Dergousoff Lucille 1932 Vacant – Wife of
Dergousoff Mabel 1904 1997 Wife of Wasil
Dergousoff Michael 1927 1998
Dergousoff Mike 1911 1988
Dergousoff Nettie A. 1904 1993 Wife of John
Dergousoff Paul K. 1928 1972
Dergousoff Sam Dec. 7, 1924 Apr. 20, 1970
Dergousoff Timofey 1884 1961
Dergousoff Wasil T. 1902 1970
Dergousoff Wasoonia P. 1902 1980 Wife of Kuzma
Derhousoff Carrie 1910 1958
Derhousoff James 1913 1938
Derhousoff Joseph 1882 1964
Derhousoff Malasha 1883 1956 Wife of Joseph
Derhousoff Nastia 1881 1950
Derhousoff Pauline Oct. 14, 1924 Dec. 12, 1991 Wife of William
Derhousoff William Aug. 2, 1922 Nov. 5, 1982
Eletskoff Annie 1882 1977 Wife of Wasyl
Eletskoff Fred 1895 1987
Eletskoff Mary 1894 1973 Wife of Fred
Eletskoff Nick F. Oct. 27, 1914 May 10, 1953
Eletskoff Wasyl 1886 1939
Eletskoff William W. 1904 1972
Fedosoff Dorothy 1918 Vacant – Wife of
Fedosoff William 1910 1979
Fofonoff Carl C. 1917 2000
Fofonoff Carl W. 1893 1955
Fofonoff Dottie Doris 1918 1997 Nee Stewart
Fofonoff Florence 1954 Vacant – Wife of
Fofonoff Florence R. 1918 Vacant – Wife of
Fofonoff George 1938 1975
Fofonoff John 1925 1986
Fofonoff Mary 1902 1998
Fofonoff Mary 1894 1981 Wife of Carl
Fofonoff Mike Carl 1921 2000
Fofonoff Nastasia 1872 1942 Wife of Nickoli
Fofonoff Nick 1943 1978
Fofonoff Nickoli 1871 1958
Fofonoff Paul 1903 1956
Fofonoff Polly 1906 1990 Wife of Paul
Fofonoff Roy 1947 1978
Fofonoff Vera 1921 Vacant – Wife of
Fofonoff Wasil 1915 1992
Hadiken Mabel 1909 1956 Wife of Pete
Hadiken Pete 1888 1968
Hancheroff Ann 1918 Vacant – wife of
Hancheroff Annie 1912 2005
Hancheroff Annie 1883 1964 Wife of Wasyl
Hancheroff Dora 1880 1964
Hancheroff George 1915 1996
Hancheroff Gerald J. Jun. 19, 1978 Nov. 16, 1978
Hancheroff Jake 1940 1955
Hancheroff Lezza 1893 Dec. 3, 1918 Died – age 25
Hancheroff Mary V. Feb. 6, 1901 Jan. 10, 1947
Hancheroff * Peter W. Nov. 1901 Sep. 26, 1931
Hancheroff Polly 1904 1991
Hancheroff Wasyl 1880 1954
Harelkin Alex 1876 1956
Harelkin Mary 1880 1920
Harelkin Mary 1878 1945
Harelkin Pearl 1907 1965
Holoboff Alex G. 1930 1971
Holoboff Alex P. 1921 1975
Holoboff Dora 1912 1988 Wife of Mike
Holoboff Feodor F. 1864 1939
Holoboff Gena J. 1930 Vacant – Wife of
Holoboff George 1893 1979
Holoboff George G. 1916 1981
Holoboff George I. 1867 1944
Holoboff Helen 1928 Vacant – Wife of
Holoboff John J. 1906 Sep. 5, 1919 Died – age 13
Holoboff John P. 1908 1933 Died – age 25
Holoboff Lena 1920 2002 Wife of Alex
Holoboff * M. 1864 Nov. 19, 1933 Died – age 69
Holoboff Mabel 1911 1982 Wife of Nick
Holoboff Mabel 1913 1998 Wife of George
Holoboff Mary 1896 1960 Wife of George
Holoboff * Masha 1886 1958 Wife of Peter
Holoboff Mike 1911 1983
Holoboff Nick S. 1908 1981
Holoboff * Peter G. 1885 1967
Holoboff William 1890 1977
Holoboff William M. 1922 1965
Horkoff Dora 1904 2001 Wife of Sam
Horkoff Frank Nov. 6, 1914 Vacant
Horkoff Mary Sep. 5, 1921 Oct. 11, 1996 Wife of Frank
Horkoff Polly A. 1889 1979
Horkoff Sam 1901 1983
Jemieff Michael P. 1905 1971

*Translated from Russian.

Buchanan Cemetery Map

Map of Village of Buchanan Cemetery
Buchanan, Saskatchewan


Ole Groslin –   Marion
Ingman &
B. Forbes
Mike J.
Samuel S.
Mary H.
Dora E.

Veregin Cemetery Map

Village of Veregin Cemetery
Veregin, Saskatchewan


Peter N. Halisheff Nick Halisheff Peter J. Shkuratoff Tanya Shkuratoff Nicolas E. Nahornoff Mickalai McKaeff Wasil Wasilenkoff Margaret Popoff Mildred Kahlian Samuel P. Hrooshkin Malania N. Chernenkoff Fred Popoff Nick Podovinnekoff John Kazakoff Michael Cheveldeyoff R
Nayda J. Chernoff
Alexey Shiloff
Mary F. Shkuratoff John F. Shkuratoff Vaselisa McKaeff Jimmy Popoff Agafia Shiloff Joseph N. Chernenkoff Annie Popoff Laura Podovinnekoff Mabel Cheveldeyoff Fred F. Chernoff (empty)
Marfa Morozoff Mary O. Popoff Ann J. Strelioff Lillian Rezansoff Wasyl Sukorokoff Hanna J. Makaeff Wasil Horkoff Polly Plotnikoff Lusha Chernenkoff Mary D. Kazakoff William F. Popoff Fannie W. Kooftinoff Mary Fofonoff
Peter P. Strelioff Alex J. Makaeff Dunia Horkoff
Maria D. Morozoff Maria T. Moojalsky Andrew A. Kalmakoff Ivan A. Moojelsky Anastasia Bulnoff Ili Sukovieff Christine Popoff Michael Plotnikoff Polly Rybak Alex H. Kazakoff John Skuratoff John K. Kooftinoff Judy O. Trofimenkoff
Helen A. Kalmakoff John J. Trofimenkoff
Christine Rilcoe Billy S. Sanchuk Reginald Shukin Jerry P. Chernoff Daria R. Sookocheff Fanny Sukorokoff John Rybak Jim N. Kazakoff Nick H. Kazakoff Fedosia F. Cazakoff Fred A. Konkin (empty)
Mary Kazakoff Alex M. Cazakoff Mable N. Konkin (empty)
Dora Moojalsky Samuel E. Bawulin George A. Bloodoff Verna Rybak Mike N. Kazakoff Mary Verigin
Anastasia I. Bawulin
Ivday A. Moojalsky Maria Potapoff Vera T. Konkin Fred F. Shukin Florence Chernoff Samuel W. Verigin Mary K. Shukin Vera Verigin Helen J. Kabatoff
John H. Shukin John Verigin Wasyl W. Kabatoff
Wasyl Boolonoff Mike Hleboff Tatiana Popoff Wasyl N. Potapoff Andrew F. Konkin Nick T. Podmoroff Fred F. Chernoff Wasil T. Podmoroff Laura Kabatoff Polly Kabatoff
Praskovia Popoff Lukeria S. Boolanoff George E. Varabioff Wasil P. Fofonoff Vera Rother Harry H. Shukin Joseph P. Kabatoff Anna W. Trofimenkoff William J. Popoff Mary A. Chutskoff
Helen P. Kinakin Mary Popoff Alex J. Chutskoff
Annie G. Holoboff Vasily D. Boolanoff Ahaffia S. Konkin Helen Varabioff William W. Fofonoff Mike Kinakin Sam W. Kabatoff Peter W. Kabatoff Peter P. Trofimenkoff Pauline Solway
Mavra N. Fofonoff Helene M. Morrow
Dora Kazakoff Grigory I. Rilkoff Pauline J. Stanviloff Vera J. Shukin Maria N. Reibin
Nikifor N. Shukin Nick K. Reibin
Wasilie Patapoff Mary Lobinsoff Johnny Lobinsoff Cecil Rilkoff   Nick W. Chernoff Florence Bawulin Dimitrie Strilaiff Mabel Horkoff Fanny Chernoff Tina J. McKaeff Anastasia M. Trofimenkoff
Hannah Lobinsoff
Larion Kuchan Anna M. Bloodoff Natalia Chernoff F.F. Chutskoff Mary Dootoff Annie W. Podmoroff Sam A. Horkoff Nick K. Chernoff Fred A. McKaeff John P. Trofimenkoff Polly Kuzma
Anna F. Hoobanoff
George F. Dootof Pete N. Chernoff George E. Morozoff A.E. Varabioff Effie Mandzuk Peter S. Perepelkin Belinda Shukin Marfa S. Shukin Annie Verigin Nick J. Fofonoff Sophie Galisheff Nastasia Perepiolkin Anastasia W. Fedosoff Paul Sukovieff
Alex Mandzuk Nickifar Shukin William W. Verigin Anne A. Fofonoff John K. Galisheff Paul F. Perepiolkin Peter G. Fedosoff
Wasil Tomilen Wasyl Zubenkoff Wasyl N. Ogloff Bill Zelinski Matrona V. Morozoff Maria Chernoff Irene Peregoodoff Marko Pechenuk Nikolai J. Chutskoff Margaret Popoff Vera Podmoroff
E.M. Morozoff Anna A. Chutskoff
Anne C. Tomelin Sam S. Morozoff Fred P. Pohozoff Malania Kazakoff Savely Chernoff Fred Peregoodoff Laura Sherstebetoff Steve Strilaeff Anna Pohozoff Pearl E. Popoff
Anna Pohozoff
Sam M. Morozoff Elizabeth Chernoff Peter Chernoff Agafia Strelioff Nellie Kooftinoff Dora N. Chernoff Polly Ratushny Wasyl W. Sherstebetoff Annie Chursinoff Nickoli Pohozoff Alexander A. Popoff John S. Lapshinoff
Peter W. Strelioff Jane Dalinchan
Wasyl W. Sherstebetoff Malania Strilaeff Alexander A. Kazakoff Dora F. Chutskoff Paul J. Holoboff
Anastasia Reibin Mary David Z. Joseph & Ida Walters Pauline Mary & Savely W. Lapshinoff Paul Parania & Paul Chutskoff Peter S. Anastasia Peter & Paul Remizoff Tina W. Zemesuk
Alex Tamilin George W. Podovinnekoff Kuzma J. Derhousoff Verna Novakshonoff Fred O. Zemesuk
Agafia M. Swetlikoff A.V. Tamilin George G. Podovinnekoff Masha S. Popoff Palagea Cazakoff Alex K. Derhousoff Lawrence Walters John W. Holoboff
Winnie Walters
Nicoli Shcuratoff Evdakim Sookoreff Paul N. Chutskoff Wasyl Verigin Molly F. Konkin Stepan Popoff Michael W. Cazakoff Thomas A. Derhousoff John P. Gretchen Anastasia W. Bloodoff Fedor E. Podovinnekoff Mary Holoboff
Elizabeth W. Gretchen Andrew F. Bloodoff Agaphia W. Podovinnekoff
Mary W. Sookoreff Mary W. Chutskoff Acsinia Verigin Mike J. Konkin Peter I. Popoff John H. Shukin Nancy Derhousoff Paul L. Fofonoff Paraskovia Sereda Mabel J. Chernoff Tena G. Verigin Nellie Holoboff
Anastasia A. Shukin Michael Derhousoff Roman W. Chursenoff Kyril Sereda John J. Chernoff Fred P. Verigin John J. Holoboff
Allan Perepiolkin George S. Morozoff Alex W. Verigin George W. Verigin Darren W. Strellaeff Tricia Ducheminsky William D. Strelioff William F. Chutskoff John F. Chutskoff George Sereda Alex A. McKaeff Rose Walters Nick N. Pohozoff George G. Swetlikoff Mary L. Berezowski
Mike J. Berezowski
  Harry Fofonoff Michael Hrooshkin Mary N. Shukin Walter Kanigan Curtis M. Berezowski Mabel N. Chernoff Anne Kazakoff Vera Ogloff Dora Reibin Polly Kanigan Anna Podmaroff
Jack Fofonoff (empty) Teena Hrooshkin Fred N. Shukin Nick J. Chernoff Alex Kazakoff Nick Ogloff Fred Reibin John Kanigan Peter Podmaroff
  Polly M. Tomilin Fred F. Peregoodoff Richard Boyechko Laura Kazakoff John Sherstabitoff Fred Kabatoff Polly Kazakoff Valerie Morozoff (empty) William Currie Peter E. Popoff Anastasia Sanchuk
Peter M. Tomilin Mary F. Peregoddof Sam N. Kazakoff Steve Sanchuk
  William Mandzuk Lillian Sookochoff Wasyl Plotnikoff Mabel N. Relkoff Rebecca L. Shukin Zwirko Annie Sookocheff Helen Sherstabitoff Mike Kazakoff Lawrence Morozoff Helen Currie Mike Shkuratoff
Fred P. Relkoff John M. Sookocheff Nick Sherstabitoff
Polly Bloudoff Wasyl A. Chernoff Nellie Wilganowski John Dragmas Mary Strellaeff Melissa R. Biccum Paul Perepiolkin Nick Swetlikoff Roy R. Chursinoff Scott R. Buenneke Eva D. Moskal (empty) Polly Sherstabitoff Anna Kazakoff Nellie Voikin Alex Morozoff Virginia Reilkoff Polly Reibin Marya Shkuratoff
Fred A. Bloudoff Irene Chernoff Peter Wilganowski Wasyl Strellaeff Peter Pohozoff Walter E. Moskal Wasyl Kazakoff Nick Voikin Michael Reilkoff Nicholas Reibin Dimetri Shkuratoff
Mollie Kazakoff Trudy Ruddock


Kamsack / Riverview Cemetery

Doukhobors in Riverview Cemetery

Surnames O-R

Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Sec-Blk-Rw-Plt Comments
Sachoff RVO-04-6-117 No Marker
Safonoff Aksenia 1885 1961 RV-01-4-70
Salekin Peter 1871 1957 RVO-14-1-06
Saliken Dora 1924 Aug. 1993 RVNS-71-A-4
Saliken Dora 1862 1949 RVO-10-4-62
Saliken Nick Jan. 1982 RV-04-1-08 No Marker
Saliken Peter 1924 Feb. 1992 RVNS-71-A-3
Salikin Mary K. 1904 Jul. 1977 RV-11-3-48
Salikin Wasyl D. 1883 1958 RVO-14-2-19
Salikin William N. 1904 Nov. 1978 RV-11-3-47
Salnikoff John 1883 May. 1972 RV-09-3-53
Salnikoff Tena 1891 1969 RV-09-3-54
Samoyloff Tena 1910 Dec. 1996 RVNS-69-A-4
Samoyloff William M. 1898 1963 RV-01-4-58
Saprikin Dora 1883 1956 RVO-15-4-63
Saprikin Nick W. 1882 Jan. 1980 RVO-15-4-64
Savencoe John 1915 Dec. 1987 RV-13-2-30
Savenkoff Alex 1924 Jun. 1995 RVNS-64-D-1
Savenkoff Betty 1929 RVNS-64-D-2 Reserved
Savenkoff Harry Oct. 1973 RV-15-1-03 No Marker
Savenkoff Willian P. RV-10-5-84 No Marker
Savinkoff Fred G. 1887 1934 RVO-4-7-136
Savinkoff Vera RVO-05-3-41 No Marker
Schukin Anastasia N. 1892 1963 RV-02-3-44
Schukin Dimitry E. 1889 Nov. 1976 RV-02-3-43
Sherstabitoff Anna 1884 1958 RVO-14-1-10
Sherstobetoff Alex 1894 Apr. 7, 1908 RV-08-2-31
Sherstobetoff Dora Apr. 21, 1881 Apr. 21, 1965 RV-08-2-32
Sherstobetoff Nicoli RVO-04-2-29 No Marker
Shiloff Alex 1920 Dec. 1992 RV-13-3-53
Shiloff Mabel 1929 May. 2001 RVNS-44-D-4
Shiloff Mike 1932 May. 2001 RVNS-44-D-4
Shiloff Nick 1924 RVNS-44-D-4 Reserved
Shiloff Tena 1926 May. 1988 RV-13-3-54
Shlakoff Annie 1894 Nov. 1988 RV-10-3-40
Shlakoff George 1932 RV-16-5-76 Reserved
Shlakoff George A. 1891 1971 RV-10-3-39
Shlakoff Mary 1934 Jun. 2003 RV-16-5-76
Shlakoff Richard 1963 Sep. 1973 RV-16-5-76
Shukin Annette 1939 2005 RV-13-5-84 Nee Kalmakoff
Shukin Annie P. 1909 Apr. 1977 RV-11-3-38
Shukin Barbara 1928 RVNS-55-A-2 Reserved
Shukin Harry P. 1928 2005 RVNS-55-A-1
Shukin John 1908 RVNS-50-B-3
Shukin Mary 1920 1998 RVNS-58-A-4
Shukin Mary 1909 Nov. 1996 RVNS-50-D-4
Shukin Patrick P. 1935 1988 RV-13-5-83
Shukin Peter H. 1907 Dec. 1999 RV-11-3-39
Shukin Sam J. 1921 Sep. 1993 RVNS-58-A-4
Slastukin Annie 1927 RV-04-3-38 Reserved
Slastukin Fannie 1920 RVNS-64-A-2
Slastukin Fred 1916 Mar. 1998 RVNS-64-A-1
Slastukin Fred K. 1912 Feb. 1981 RV-04-3-37
Slastukin Philip D. 1955 Apr. 1981 RV-04-4-72
Slastukin William F. 1914 Sep. 1973 RV-16-5-77
Smorodin Andrew 1933 2005 RVNS-110-A-3
Sofonoff Alex 1878 1954 RVO-15-1-16
Sopoff Nick 1909 Sep. 1992 RVNS-61-B-3
Sopoff Tena D. 1912 May. 1991 RVNS-61-B-4
Stangviloff Fred Nov. 14, 1901 Dec. 20, 1975 RV-14-3-48
Stigrad Olivia 1935 1957 RVO-15-6-83 Nee Malakoff
Stooshinoff Florence 1913 May. 1988 RV-04-4-64
Stooshinoff George M. 1913 Apr. 1982 RV-04-4-63
Stooshinoff Johnie P. Apr. 10, 1935 Jun. 9, 1953 RVO-13-6-182
Stooshinoff Mary 1897 Feb. 1990 RVNS-38-D-4 Nee Nevakshonoff
Stooshinoff Nicoli W. 1895 1968 RV-09-2-34
Stooshinoff Nuasta 1870 1956 RVO-5-5-80
Stooshinoff Paul 1951 Oct. 1972 RV-16-1-13
Storgeoff Fred N. 1881 1958 RVO-15-6-86
Storgeoff John G. 1903 Jul. 1974 RV-15-4-72
Storgeoff Mable W. 1914 Jan. 1985 RVO-10-2-27
Storgeoff Tatiana 1881 1965 RVO-15-6-87
Strelaioff Fred P. 1924 Aug. 1983 RV-05-1-11
Strelaioff Vera 1926 Jan. 2003 RV-05-1-12
Strelieff Anna 1880 1949 RVO-10-1-02
Strelieff Fred N. 1878 1947 RVO-10-1-01
Strelieff Mabel Jan. 8, 1910 Oct. 27, 2000 RVO-13-6-153 Nee Derhousoff
Strelieff Peter F. Nov. 15, 1905 Aug. 27, 1956 RVO-13-6-156
Strelioff Agafia N. 1891 1963 RV-02-1-16
Strelioff Annie N. 1900 Aug. 1984 RV-07-5-80
Strelioff Bill Jun.  1976 RV-14-4-65 No Marker
Strelioff Elizabeth 1886 Dec. 1971 RV-10-5-85
Strelioff John P. 1892 1963 RV-02-3-49
Strelioff Laura F. 1892 Sep. 1975 RV-02-3-50
Strelioff Nellie 1913 Jun. 1990 RVNS-49-B-1
Strelioff Peter P. 1900 1969 RV-07-5-79
Strelioff Wasil P. 1891 Dec. 1975 RV-02-1-15
Strilaeff Helene 1923 Feb. 2000 RVNS-71-C-2
Strilaeff James 1916 Aug. 2000 RVNS-71-C-1
Strilaiff Lena Mar. 24, 1916 Apr. 20, 1975 RV-11-5-74
Strilaiff Paul May. 8, 1908 Feb. 1, 1990 RV-11-5-75
Strilioff Annie RVO-10-4-68 No Marker
Strilioff Paul RVO-10-4-69 No Marker
Strukoff Alex May. 1978 RV-06-4-66 No Marker
Strukoff Anastacia Jun. 1987 RV-06-4-65 No Marker
Strukoff David Apr. 20, 1967 Apr. 20, 1967 RV-01-4-56
Strukoff John E. 1887 1949 RVO-10-3-41
Strukoff John J. 1913 Feb. 1986 RV-12-4-72
Strukoff Polly A. 1913 RV-12-4-71 Reserved
Strukoff Polly N. 1887 Jul. 1979 RVO-10-3-42
Strulow RVO-13-2-53 No Marker
Sturgeoff A. RVO-15-01-15 No Marker
Sturgeoff Alex N. 1894 1956 RVO-15-3-45 Note:
Error on tombstone.
Correct year of death: 1955
Sturgeoff Lukeria F. Jun. 7, 1894 Jun. 25, 1946 RVO-15-3-46
Sukarukoff Carl L. 1933 Oct. 2000 RVNS-53-D-1
Sukarukoff Mary Dec. 10, 1886 Oct. 20, 1954 RVO-13-6-162
Sukharukoff John RV-01-2-27 No Marker
Swetlikoff Alex 1910 May 2006 RVNS-63-D-3
Swetlikoff Doris 1922 RV-06-2-23 Reserved
Swetlikoff Mary 1913 Mar. 1999 RVNS-63-D-4
Swetlikoff Molly L. 1892 Sep. 2001 RV-16-5-88  Nee Makaeff
Swetlikoff William S. 1888 Dec. 1972 RV-16-5-87
Swetlikoff William W. 1918 Feb. 1979 RV-06-2-24
Swetlikoff Phyllis RVNS-70-C-01 Reserved
Tetoff Fred Sep. 3, 1915 Dec. 28, 1994 RVNS-40-D-1 Stundist
Tetoff Joseph 1886 1971 RV-10-4-70 Stundist
Tetoff Kenneth J. 1954 Jul. 1975 RV-16-4-71 Stundist
Tetoff Mary 1890 Sep. 1986 RV-10-4-69 Stundist
Tetoff Paul 1920 Jan. 1998 RVNS-40-C-2 Stundist
Tetoff Pauline RVNS-40-C-3 Reserved
Tetoff Viola Jul. 7, 1927 Aug. 14, 2003 RVNS-40-D-2 Nee Konkin
Tomilin Michael F. 1901 Jun. 1996 RV-13-4-55
Tomilin Pauline 1905 Aug. 1997 RV-13-4-56
Troff Larry Apr. 11, 1931 Sep. 29, 2002 RV-4-3-44 aka Trofimenkoff
Trofimenkoff Alex P. 1900 1997 RV-03-5-73
Trofimenkoff Anastasia 1876 1965 RV-02-5-88
Trofimenkoff Anna F. 1905 Mar. 1974 RV-08-1-12
Trofimenkoff Dora 1905 Jun. 1986 RV-04-3-44
Trofimenkoff George M. 1908 Apr. 1985 RV-04-3-52
Trofimenkoff Mary F. 1909 Apr. 10 1989 RV-04-3-53
Trofimenkoff Mary W. 1913 Sep. 1997 RVNS-40-C-1 Nee Sherstobitoff
Trofimenkoff Masha S. 1882 Dec. 1974 RV-09-4-59
Trofimenkoff Nick P. 1913 RVNS-40-C-1
Trofimenkoff Olga 1914 Jun. 1998 RVNS-40-B-2
Trofimenkoff Peter G. 1877 1969 RV-02-5-87
Trofimenkoff Polly F. 1900 1992 RV-03-5-74
Trofimenkoff Sam W. 1910 Sep. 1994 RVNS-40-B-1
Trofimenkoff Tom 1904 Feb.1993 RV-04-3-43
Trofimenkoff Wasyl G. 1879 1970 RV-09-4-60
Trofimenkoff William M. 1907 1965 RV-08-1-11
Twerdochleb Marco 1887 1910 RV-7-1-11 Stundist
Twerdoff Elizabeth M. 1885 1966 RV-08-3-50 Stundist
Twerdoff Matvey 1887 May. 1974 RV-08-3-49 Stundist
Uhlow Tena 1911 Mar. 1987 RV-16-3-50
Uhlow William 1913 Sep. 1972 RV-16-3-49
Upatoff John 1889 1952 RVO-13-4-119
Upatoff Nellie 1904 1953 RVO-13-4-118
Vanin Alex 1916 May. 1992 RVNS-38-C-3
Vanin Anna L. 1925 RVNS-67-A-4 Reserved
Vanin Annie 1905 Feb. 1990 RV-12-4-61
Vanin Barbara Vera 1876 1960 RVO-14-3-36
Vanin Elizabeth 1937 RV-13-5-82 Reserved
Vanin George J. 1921 May. 2003 RVNS-43-D-4
Vanin George J. 1929 Mar. 1987 RV-13-3-39
Vanin Grace 1923 2004 RV-13-2-28
Vanin Gregory F. 1875 1972 RVO-14-3-35
Vanin James K. 1900 Mar. 1976 RV-14-4-70
Vanin John K. 1895 1971 RV-10-5-88
Vanin Leo 1924 Feb. 1984 RV-12-4-62
Vanin Martha 1899 Sep. 1973 RV-16-5-78
Vanin Nellie 1918 Feb. 1995 RVNS-38-C-4
Vanin Paul N. 1942 Sep. 1972 RV-16-2-24
Vanin Peter 1923 Apr. 1987 RV-13-2-27
Vanin Thomas J. 1927 1988 RV-13-5-81
Vanin Walter E. 1924 RVNS-67-A-3 Reserved
Vanin James G. Feb. 1988 RV-06-4-56 No Marker
Vanin Polly Mar. 1984 RV-06-04-55 No Marker
Varabeau Fred Apr. 1979 RV-06-5-89 No Marker
Varabeau Pauline 1911 Jun. 1989 RVNS-48-A-4 aka Varabioff
Verabioff Anne 1914 RVNS-63-C-4 Reserved
Verabioff John P. 1908 35186 RVNS-63-C-4
Veregin Annie 1901 Oct. 1995 RVO-14-2-28
Veregin Annie 1875 1950 RVO-Vet-6-4-88
Veregin Kuzma J. 1899 1959 RVO-14-2-29
Veregin Nick N. 1926 Nov. 1979 RV-14-4-62
Veregin Paul E. 1893 1957 RVO-14-1-12
Vereschagin Anuta F. 1899 Jun. 1992 RV-08-5-74
Vereschagin Gloria J. Jun. 16, 1945 Jun. 9, 1993 RVNS-58-D-4
Vereschagin Larry/Mary RVNS-40-C-04 Reserved
Vereschagin Peter G. 1897 1954 RV-08-5-73
Verigin Kate RVO-11-4-66 No Marker
Verigin Mike S. Dec. 24, 1929 RVNS-56-D-3 Reserved
Verigin Nicolas J. 1902 1961 RV-01-3-40
Verigin Patrick N. Feb. 29, 1964 Feb. 9, 1981 RV-03-5-79
Verigin Peter N. Sep. 10, 1927 Sep. 20, 1989 RV-03-5-79
Verigin Polly J. 1907 Dec. 1987 RV-01-3-41
Verigin Verna P. Jun. 29, 1930 Oct. 31, 2000 RVNS-56-D-4
Voiken Harry Aug. 15, 1892 Nov. 12, 1969 RV-09-4-72
Waselenko John F. 1885 1966 RV-08-4-69
Winnikoff RV-01-4-56i  No Marker
Wishloff Helen W. 1905 1991 RV-16-1-10
Wishloff William W. 1903 Jun. 1972 RV-16-1-09
Woiken Alice D. 1901 1992 RV-11-5-90
Woiken Joe M. 1923 Jan. 1982 RV-04-5-79
Woiken Mary P. 1923 Dec. 1987 RV-04-5-80
Woiken Mike J. 1894 1976 RV-11-5-89
Wolosove Steve RVO-04-1-03
Wolosove Steve RVO-04-2-36 No Marker
Wosminity Mary RC-05-24-51 Nee Holoboff
Woykin Anne 1919 Jan. 07 2002 RV-01-1-18
Woykin George 1883 Feb. 1974 RV-15-1-17
Woykin Georgie 1915 Oct. 1980 RV-03-4-69
Woykin John G. 1913 Oct. 1994 RV-03-4-67
Woykin Lucy 1890 1974 RV-15-1-18
Yofonoff Fred 1924 Jul. 1974 RV-15-4-70
Youritson Mike 1920 Dec. 1974 RV-15-4-61
Zaitsoff Kuzma 1887 1970 RV-09-4-68
Zaitsoff Mabel Nov. 1976 RV-11-1-08 No Marker
Zaitsoff Sam RV-09-1-16 No Marker
Zaitsoff Willian Apr. 1986 RV-12-4-70 No Marker
Zarchikoff Pauline A. 1909 2003 RV-07-1-15
Zarchikoff Peter W. 1909 Dec. 1985 RV-12-2-34
Zarchikoff Virginia D. 1949 Jan. 1981 RV-04-3-48
Zarchikoff William F. 1906 1968 RV-07-1-14
Zarubin Alex 1910 Mar. 1989 RV-13-2-25
Zarubin Mabel 1911 Mar. 1999 RV-13-2-26
Zarubin Tina 1883 1951 RVO-13-1-07
Zbeetnoff Alex 1928 Feb. 1997 RVNS-69-C-4
Zbeetnoff Fred G. 1899 Oct. 1991 RV-04-3-49
Zbeetnoff George G. 1901 Dec. 1974 RV-10-1-05
Zbeetnoff Mabel G. 1922 1970 RV-10-1-03
Zbeetnoff Mabel N. 1902 1971 RV-10-1-06
Zbeetnoff Nadija 1930 RVNS-69-C-4 Reserved
Zbeetnoff Vera W. 1906 Sep. 1981 RV-04-3-50
Zeiben Evan Jul. 31, 1978 Jul. 31, 1978 RV-10-1-06
Zeiben John Mar. 1996 RV-06-5-87 No Marker
Zeiben Mabel Dec.1977 RV-06-5-88 No Marker
Zeibin Mary P. 1904 Oct. 1985 RV-12-2-28
Zeibin Michael E. 1892 Sep. 1988 RV-12-2-29
Zeibin Michael M. 1922 RV-12-2-27 Reserved
Zietsoff George J. 1894 1968 RVO-15-4-53
Zietsoff John J. 1901 Jan. 1978 RV-14-5-79
Zietsoff Paula P. 1906 Aug. 1976 RV-14-5-80
Zietzoff Annie 1895 1951 RVO-5-5-79
Zubenkoff Alex 1919 RV-05-2-26
Zubenkoff Alex W. 1888 May. 1972 RV-16-2-21
Zubenkoff George A. 1919 1967 RV-08-5-83
Zubenkoff Mary 1920 RV-05-2-25

Kamsack / Riverview Cemetery

Doukhobors in Riverview Cemetery

Surnames O-R

Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Sec-Blk-Rw-Plt Comments
Ogloff Anastasia J. 1889 1959 RVO-14-2-30
Ogloff Tena Sep. 25, 1898 Jun. 9, 1999 RV-04-3-51
Ogloff William P. 1889 1966 RV-08-4-56
Oglov Mabel A. 1914 Mar. 2002 RV-09-3-40
Oglov William W. 1911 1969 RV-09-3-41
Ogoloff Annie RVO-04-6-107 No Marker
Ogoloff Titania RVO-04-4-68 No Marker
Olassoff Steve 1883 Nov. 13, 1918 RVO-4-1-3
Olkhovik Gladys I. Jun. 1920 Oct. 18, 1920 RVO-4-4-77 Stundist
Olkhovik Paraskova I. 1864 1920 RVO-4-4-81 Stundist
Osachoff Fred S. 1884 1951 RVO-5-5-75
Osachoff Jenny E. 1884 1956 RVO-5-5-74
Ostoforoff Fay RVO-05-1-07 No Marker
Ostoforoff John 1926 2003 RVNS-42-C-4
Ostoforoff John Jun. 14, 1946 RVO-11-4-63
Ostoforoff Sasha 1914 Jan. 1997 RVNS-49-B-2
Ostoforoff Vaselisa Jean J. 1900 Dec. 1974 RV-15-4-60
Ostrikoff Anna J. Oct. 1886 Nov. 1959 RVO-14-3-41
Ostrikoff Kuzma Jan. 1883 Nov. 1967 RV-07-2-26
Ostrikoff Peter J. 1892 1967 RV-07-2-34
Papove Bill W. 1912 Apr. 1981 RV-04-3-41
Papove Fanny I. 1917 RV-04-3-42 Reserved
Parkin Philip A. 1906 Feb. 2002 RVNS-57-B-1
Parkin Polly 1908 Nov. 1998 RVNS-57-B-2
Parkin Tina 1874 1962 RV-01-4-63
Perepelkin Elizabeth 1886 1974 RV-09-5-78
Perepelkin Stephen 1882 1970 RV-09-5-77
Perepiolkin Fred 1921 RV-13-1-03 Reserved
Perepiolkin George S. 1911 1979 RV-06-3-51
Perepiolkin Martha 1921 RVNS-61-C-3 Reserved
Perepiolkin Mike P. 1917 Dec. 1991 RVNS-61-C-2
Perepiolkin Polly 1927 Aug. 1999 RV-13-1-04
Perepulkin RVO-04-5-92 No Marker
Perepulkin Martha RVO_04-4-66 No Marker
Pereversoff Helen 1878 1948 RVO-10-2-21
Pereversoff Mabel 1923 1995 RVO-12-6-100
Perversoff Helen 1883 1956 RVO-15-4-50
Perversoff Peter M. 1882 1964 RV-02-4-56
Picten Anna 1882 1970 RV-09-5-87
Picten Fanny Sep. 25, 1909 Oct. 25, 1997 RVNS-39-B-4 Nee Makasaeff
Picten William Jan. 15, 1906 Aug. 14, 1993 RVNS-39-B-3
Picton Andrew W. 1904 1976 RV-11-5-81
Picton Mary M. 1910 1997 RV-11-5-82
Planedin Diana Dec. 17, 1941 RVNS-67-B-4 Reserved
Planedin Nick F. Jul. 3, 1935 RVNS-67-B-3 Reserved
Plotnikoff George L. 1887 1971 RV-10-2-25
Podmaroff Anna W. 1884 1964 RVO-14-2-27
Podmaroff Fred P. Sep. 7, 1916 Oct. 27, 2002 RVNS-54-D-1
Podmaroff John 1925 Aug. 1982 RV-05-3-49
Podmaroff John J. 1924 Dec. 1987 RV-13-5-75
Podmaroff Molly 1915 RV-13-5-76 Reserved
Podmaroff Paul P. 1914 1959 RVO-14-2-26
Podmaroff William P. Jul. 22, 1912 Feb. 8, 1998 RVNS-45-D-4
Podmoroff Fanny RV-09-1-05 No Marker
Podmoroff John RV-08-2-33 No Marker
Podmoroff Molly RV-13-5-76 Reserved
Podovilnikoff Dora W. 1913 Jan. 1997 RV-11-5-78
Podovilnikoff John W. 1923 May.1987 RV-11-2-28 aka Palmer
Podovilnikoff Malasha W. 1889 Mar. 1978 RV-11-2-27
Podovilnikoff Peter W. 1911 Apr. 1989 RV-11-5-77
Podovinakoff Duina RV-08-2-30 No Marker
Podovinikoff Annie RVO-04-1-01 No Marker
Podovinikoff John N. 1885 1959 RVO-13-2-35
Podovinikoff Nastia M. 1885 1963 RVO-13-2-34
Podovinikoff Nick 1914 Jul. 8, 1974 RV-15-4-71 Trooper 3 R.C.A.F.
Podovinikoff Polly Aug. 1977 RV-11-3-44 No Marker
Podovinnekoff George 1925 Jul. 1994 RVNS-40-A-2
Podovinnekoff George N. Mar. 1884 Aug. 1981 RV-08-5-79
Podovinnekoff Mary May. 1885 Jun. 1966 RV-08-5-80
Podovinnekoff Nick N. 1891 Jun. 1973 RV-16-5-73
Podovinnikoff Ann 1887 Jul. 1977 RVO-14-4-58
Podovinnikoff Anne P. 1916 Jul. 1998 RV-04-5-82
Podovinnikoff Annette 1921 RVNS-50-B-4 Reserved
Podovinnikoff Carl 1885 1972 RVO-15-6-91
Podovinnikoff Edith 1929 RV-11-4-68 Reserved
Podovinnikoff Fred F. 1912 Jan. 1982 RV-04-5-81
Podovinnikoff Fred N. 1889 1960 RVO-14-4-57
Podovinnikoff Harold C. 1919 Nov. 2000 RVNS-50-B-3
Podovinnikoff Helen 1915 1960 RVO-14-3-39
Podovinnikoff Mike RV-09-4-69 No Marker
Podovinnikoff Mike J. 1902 Jul. 1972 RV-16-2-22
Podovinnikoff Tatiana 1889 1958 RVO-15-6-90
Podovinnikoff William C. 1923 Mar. 1977 RV-11-4-67
Podovinnikoff William N. 1918 1968 RV-07-5-76
Podovinnikov George W. 1912 Jun. 2004 RV-03-1-02
Podovinnikov Mary 1910 RV-03-1-01 Reserved
Podwin Alex 1922 Aug. 2000 RVNS-67-D-3
Podwin Donald 1952 RVNS-67-D-3/4 Reserved
Podwin Irene 1923 RVNS-67-D-4 Reserved
Podwin Lillian 1924 1984 RVO-15-6-82
Popoff RVO-04-5-89 No Marker
Popoff RVO-04-7-135 No Marker
Popoff Afanacy 1895 1977 RV-11-3-43
Popoff Aleck K. 1883 1954 RVO-10-1-07
Popoff Alex A. 1908 1965 RV-08-2-28
Popoff Anna RVO-10-3-56 Reserved
Popoff Anna A. 1883 1947 RVO-10-1-06
Popoff Anne Jan. 12, 1918 Mar. 2, 2004 RVNS-65-D-4
Popoff Annie Jun. 17, 1913 Sep. 17, 1981 RV-04-1-02
Popoff Dora W. 1892 1978 RVO-10-3-54
Popoff E. Betsy 1919 RVNS-49-A-4 Reserved
Popoff Elsie 1915 May. 1994 RVNS-39-D-2
Popoff Fred K. Oct. 15, 1907 Aug. 5, 1991 RVNS-49-A-1
Popoff Harry F. 1940 Jul. 1997 RVNS-49-A-1
Popoff Helen Jan. 8, 1916 Mar. 19, 2000 RVNS-49-A-2
Popoff Irene 1893 Oct. 1993 RV-13-3-42
Popoff J.A.E. 1906 1950 RVO-Vet-6-4-90
Popoff John J.N. 1916 Jun. 1992 RVNS-39-D-1
Popoff John J.P. Jun. 22, 1916 Dec. 19, 1992 RV-04-1-01
Popoff John J.P. RV-04-1-07 Reserved
Popoff John P. 1886 1960 RVO-14-4-48
Popoff John W. 1891 1956 RVO-10-3-53
Popoff Lukeria S. 1883 1971 RVO-14-4-47
Popoff Maria N. 1893 1961 RV-01-1-11
Popoff Mary 1888 1965 RV-08-4-72
Popoff Nastia D. 1880 1966 RVO-14-5-62
Popoff Nellie Apr. 1978 RV-06-4-68 No Marker
Popoff Nicholi E. 1881 1959 RVO-14-5-61
Popoff P. 1907 1984 RVO-Vet-6-4-91
Popoff Peter A. 1917 Nov. 1998 RVNS-49-A-3
Popoff Peter A. 1887 1963 RV-02-2-29
Popoff Peter K. 1892 Mar. 1987 RV-13-3-41
Popoff Peter P. Sep. 8, 1912 RVNS-65-D-3 Reserved
Popoff Peter S. Feb. 26, 1925 Jan. 9, 2002 RVNS-6-A-1
Popoff Polly 1913 1991 RV-08-2-28
Popoff Sam P. RVNS-55-C-03 Reserved
Popoff Wasyl Jun. 10, 1864 Mar. 4, 1949 RVO-10-3-55
Popoff Wasyl P. 1893 1967 RV-01-1-12
Popoff William K. 1904 1970 RV-10-2-34
Popoff-Long Daries 1924 RVNS-55-B-4 Reserved
Popoff-Long Gregory 1954 RVNS-55-B-4 Reserved
Popoff-Long John 1928 Oct. 2003 RVNS-55-B-4
Popow Diane 1902 Mar. 1977 RV-01-1-08
Popow Nick P. 1899 1960 RV-01-1-07
Posnikoff Alice 1895 1972 RV-16-1-16
Posnikoff Ann Apr. 8, 1923 RVNS-41-A-2 Reserved
Posnikoff Helen 1890 jul. 1983 RV-08-2-22
Posnikoff John J. 1896 Aug. 1980 RV-16-1-15
Posnikoff Marion 1922 1982 RV-14-5-74
Posnikoff Mike Sep. 1, 1920 Apr. 30, 2002 RVNS-41-A-1
Posnikoff Nick J. 1916 Aug. 1976 RV-14-5-73
Posnikoff William A. 1890 1965 RV-08-2-21
Potapoff Bessie Aug. 1980 RVO-13-4-113
Potapoff Florence 1896 May. 1999 RVNS-45-C-2
Potapoff Fredrick 1932 Mar. 1976 RV-14-4-79
Potapoff Harry 1885 1953 RVO-13-4-114
Potapoff Molly 1907 Dec. 1989 RV-03-5-78
Potapoff Peter F. 1890 Feb. 1981 RV-03-5-77
Potapov Alex 1997 RV-03-4-65 No Marker
Poznikoff Pauline 1915 Oct. 1998 RVNS-41-D-2
Poznikoff William 1909 Mar. 2003 RVNS-41-D-1
Premarukoff Andrew 1893 1964 RV-02-4-57
Premorukoff John RVO-11-4-65 No Marker
Rebalkin Elizabeth 1909 Sep.1974 RV-15-4-67
Rebalkin John 1918 2002 RVNS-54-A-1
Rebalkin John Nov. 2002 RVNS-54-A-01 No Marker
Rebalkin Mary 1875 1952 RVO-13-3-76
Rebalkin Michael RVO-13-3-75
Rebalkin Nick P. Sep. 1980 RV-03-3-53 No Marker
Reiben RV-01-3-54d  No Marker
Reibin Fred 1894 Jul. 1976 RV-15-2-26
Reibin Polly 1894 Dec. 1973 RV-15-2-25
Reilkoff RVO-04-7-141 No Marker
Reilkoff Alex W. 1917 Apr. 1979 RV-06-2-28
Reilkoff Elizabeth W. 1891 May. 1983 RV-09-4-61
Reilkoff Lucille 1918 RV-06-2-27 Reserved
Reilkoff Maria G. 1885 Dec. 1971 RV-10-3-54
Reilkoff Mike W. 1911 RVNS-48-B-3 Reserved
Reilkoff Molly 1920 Dec. 1998 RVNS-48-B-4
Reilkoff Nick A. 1891 Apr. 1982 RV-09-4-62
Reilkoff Wasil A. 1885 Aug. 1973 RV-10-3-53
Remezoff Harold RV-04-1-05 Reserved
Remezoff Helen 1906 Mar. 1984 RV-04-1-12
Remezoff James RV-04-1-11 Reserved
Remezoff Lena 1913 1999 RV-04-5-90
Remezoff Liza RV-04-1-06 Reserved
Remezoff Nick N. 1924 Aug. 1981 RV-04-2-25
Remezoff Paul 1908 Aug. 1987 RV-04-5-89
Remezoff Steve 1913 Aug. 1989 RV-13-1-01
Remizoff John 1905 Aug. 08 1989 RV-04-1-15
Remizoff Molly 1910 Apr. 1995 RV-04-1-16
Remizoff Nick F. 1890 1965 RV-08-2-25
Remizoff Walter J. 1932 1968 RV-07-5-73
Rezansoff RVO-11-4-58 No Marker
Rezansoff Adela. RVNS-68-A-04 Reserved
Rezansoff Alex N. 1909 1965 RV-08-1-03
Rezansoff Alex P. RVNS-68-A-03 Reserved
Rezansoff Alex W. 1883 1950 RVO-Vet-6-4-84
Rezansoff Allan M. 1970 1975 RV-14-2-22
Rezansoff Anna A. 1894 1985 RV-02-4-67
Rezansoff Anne 1904 May. 2000 RV-10-1-10
Rezansoff Anne D. 1916 RVNS-61-A-3 Reserved
Rezansoff Annette W. 1911 Nov. 2000 RVNS-56-B-2
Rezansoff Annie 1906 1971 RV-10-3-48
Rezansoff Betty 1918 Oct. 2001 RVNS-48-A-2
Rezansoff Carolyn L. 1949 Oct. 1979 RV-06-1-03
Rezansoff Florence 1907 May. 1981 RV-04-4-69
Rezansoff Fred J. 1906 Oct. 1999 RV-04-4-70
Rezansoff Fred W. 1919 32629 RVNS-48-A-1
Rezansoff George N. 1921 Nov. 1991 RVNS-61-A-2
Rezansoff Harold 1934 1975 RV-14-2-22
Rezansoff Jackie Mar. 12, 1948 RVO-11-4-59
Rezansoff John RV-01-2-29 No Marker
Rezansoff John F. 1880 1960 RV-01-2-29
Rezansoff John F. 1903 Sep. 1978 RV-10-3-47
Rezansoff John J. 1905 May. 1986 RV-16-1-17
Rezansoff John Jr. 1911 Aug. 1994 RV-04-3-45
Rezansoff Lisa A. 1969 1975 RV-14-2-21
Rezansoff Lusha 1904 Feb. 1972 RV-16-1-18
Rezansoff Mabel 1912 RV-08-1-04
Rezansoff Maria 1886 1965 RV-01-5-76
Rezansoff Mary 1910 Mar. 1997 RV-14-4-63
Rezansoff Mick RV-08-4-57 No Marker
Rezansoff Mike J. 1910 1966 RV-08-4-57
Rezansoff Mike W. Jan. 28, 1901 Jan. 25, 1979 RV-06-3-44
Rezansoff Nellie 1924 RVNS-41-D-4 Reserved
Rezansoff Nick N. 1907 Feb. 2001 RVNS-56-B-1
Rezansoff Nicoli 1885 1962 RV-01-5-75
Rezansoff Pauline 1913 RV-04-3-46 Reserved
Rezansoff Pauline RV-12-4-59 Reserved
Rezansoff Peter G. 1888 1964 RV-02-4-68
Rezansoff Peter J. 1903 1970 RV-10-1-09
Rezansoff Sophie E. 1938 1975 RV-14-2-21
Rezansoff Walter N. 1916 RVNS-41-D-3 Reserved
Rezansoff William 1906 Jul. 1976 RV-14-4-64
Rezansoff William P. 1924 May. 1984 RV-12-4-60
Rezanson Hanna May 10, 1872 Mar. 10, 1940 RVO-5-2-22
Rezanson Verna 1912 1964 RV-02-4-58
Rezanson Walter A. 1914 1979 RV-02-4-58
Ribalkin William 1902 1968 RV-07-2-20
Rilkoff Alexander 1915 Apr. 1980 RV-03-1-12
Rilkoff Alexander Apr. 1980 RV-03-1-12 No Marker
Rilkoff George N. 1891 1955 RVO-15-1-09
Rilkoff John S. 1920 Mar. 1997 RVNS-69-B-2
Rilkoff Pearl 1891 Oct. 1975 RVO-15-1-10
Rygiel Joseph Jan. 1984 RV-04-4-56
Rygiel Ruth RV-04-4-55 Nee Nadane

Kamsack / Riverview Cemetery

Doukhobors in Riverview Cemetery

Surnames K-N

Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Sec-Blk-Rw-Plt Comments
Kabatoff Alex 1914 Jan. 1999 RVNS-52-B-1
Kabatoff Winnie 1925 Dec. 1998 RVNS-52-B-2
Kaft Victor 1877 1954 RVO-15-2-18 aka Kavtaradze
Kalesnikoff Fillip W. Jun. 1940 RVO-4-6-124
Kalmacoff Dora 1895 Mar. 1978 RV-01-1-14 Nee Glagoloff
Kalmacoff Fedosa 1871 1943 RVO-5-1-06 Nee Holoboff
Kalmacoff Jacob E. 1886 1961 RV-01-1-13
Kalmacoff Lawrence G. 1918 1961 RV-01-1-17
Kalmakoff Alec 1917 RVNS-64-B-3
Kalmakoff Andrew S. 1883 1943 RVO-12-6-99
Kalmakoff Ann 1921 RVNS-64-B-4
Kalmakoff Annie F. 1912 Jun. 1992 RVNS-62-D-4
Kalmakoff Pauline RVO-12-6-99 Cremation
Kalmakoff Peter A. 1912 Dec. 1994 RVNS-38-D-3
Kalmakoff Peter J. 1907 Jan. 1995 RVNS-62-D-3
Kalmakoff Stella 1883 1972 RVO-12-6-98 Nee Ostoforoff
Kastrukoff Anna 1886 1970 RV-09-5-84
Kastrukoff Nicholai 1884 Dec. 1978 RV-09-5-83
Kazakoff RV-01-4-56j  No Marker
Kazakoff RVO-10-5-93 No Marker
Kazakoff RVO-04-7-132 No Marker
Kazakoff Alex 1916 1964 RV-02-2-25
Kazakoff Alex 1914 1936 RVO-5-1-15
Kazakoff Alex K. 1895 1963 RV-02-2-36
Kazakoff Ann RV-02-5-89 No Marker
Kazakoff Anna 1909 RVNS-70-C-2 Reserved
Kazakoff Anna 1913 Aug. 2003 RV-13-1-06
Kazakoff Anna 1886 1943 RVO-5-4-60
Kazakoff Anna N.K. 1877 1961 RV-01-2-20
Kazakoff Anna P. 1861 1955 RVO-15-3-44
Kazakoff Annette May 29, 1890 Sep. 2, 1969 RV-09-1-09
Kazakoff Annie 1911 Oct. 1998 RV-03-3-39 Nee Safenoff
Kazakoff Aprosina RVO-04-1-14 No Marker
Kazakoff Billy W. 1945 May. 1982 RV-05-5-75
Kazakoff Dan 1889 Oct. 1985 RV-16-4-41
Kazakoff Edward 1932 1999 RVNS-70-C-2
Kazakoff Elizabeth 1895 1955 RVO-15-3-43
Kazakoff Elizabeth W. 1912 Jul. 2001 RV-04-4-57
Kazakoff Ellen E. 1918 2002 RVNS-64-A-4
Kazakoff Elsie 1912 RVNS-53-C-4 Reserved
Kazakoff Frank Feb. 1978 RV-06-5-83 No Marker
Kazakoff Fred 1908 Feb. 1981 RV-04-2-26
Kazakoff Fred RVO-04-7-140 No Marker
Kazakoff George G. 1911 Aug. 1992 RV-13-1-05
Kazakoff Hania 1894 May. 1973 RV-16-4-42
Kazakoff Helen 1909 May. 1994 RVNS-59-C-2
Kazakoff Helen 1908 Sep. 1988 RV-11-2-29
Kazakoff I. Faye Nov. 18, 1947 Apr. 22, 1994 RVNS-51-A-4
Kazakoff Jennie R. 1904 1976 RV-11-4-51
Kazakoff John 1913 1997 RVNS-64-A-4
Kazakoff John M. 1891 Jan. 1980 RV-03-3-39
Kazakoff Laura 1919 2003 RVNS-55-C-4
Kazakoff Laura 1915 May. 1996 RV-12-5-88
Kazakoff Laura Nov. 2000 RV-06-5-84 No Marker
Kazakoff Lawrence RC-05-27-129 Reserved
Kazakoff Lucy 1901 Dec. 1982 RV-04-4-62
Kazakoff Lucy RC-05-27-130 Reserved
Kazakoff Lukeria 1901 Jun. 1985 RV-12-4-63
Kazakoff Mabel 1893 Sep. 1981 RV-04-2-27
Kazakoff Maria P. 1871 1960 RVO-13-3-90
Kazakoff Mary 1917 Jul. 1995 RVNS-59-B-2
Kazakoff Mary 1921 Jul. 1980 RV-03-4-58
Kazakoff Mary 1916 1971 RV-10-2-30
Kazakoff Mary Jun. 15, 1881 Sep. 25, 1954 RVO-13-6-168
Kazakoff Mary RVO-04-7-144 No Marker
Kazakoff Metro S. 1893 1950 RVO-Vet-6-4-98
Kazakoff Michael J. 1871 1958 RVO-13-3-89
Kazakoff Michael M. Feb. 4, 1919 Feb. 9, 2000 RV-1-1-14
Kazakoff Michael M. 1883 1957 RVO-13-5-148
Kazakoff Mike 1907 Nov. 1977 RV-11-2-30
Kazakoff Mike RVO-05-1-10 No Marker
Kazakoff Mike RVO-13-5-148 No Marker
Kazakoff Mike N.M. 1912 Dec. 1986 RV-12-5-87
Kazakoff Molly P. 1888 Dec. 1972 RV-16-3-46
Kazakoff Nellie Mar. 2003 RVO-13-5-149 No Marker
Kazakoff Nellie N. 1911 RVO-13-5-149 Reserved
Kazakoff Nick RVO-04-5-101 No Marker
Kazakoff Nick M. 1888 Apr. 1979 RV-16-4-45
Kazakoff Parania 1890 1971 RV-10-3-50
Kazakoff Paul RVO-04-4-75 No Marker
Kazakoff Paul A. F. Sep.1985 RV-05-5-85 No Marker
Kazakoff Paul M. 1913 Jul. 2002 RVNS-53-C-4
Kazakoff Peter Oct. 1983 RV-05-5-83 No Marker
Kazakoff Peter A. Oct. 12, 1925 Oct. 10, 1983 RV-05-5-83
Kazakoff Peter A. 1930 RV-03-4-59 Reserved
Kazakoff Peter E. 1885 Apr. 1976 RV-10-3-49
Kazakoff Peter F. 1908 Sep. 2001 RVNS-70-C-2
Kazakoff Peter M. 1911 Dec. 2001 RVNS-59-B-1
Kazakoff Peter P. 1904 Oct. 1991 RVNS-59-C-1
Kazakoff Polly G. 1917 Aug. 1996 RV-12-1-03
Kazakoff Teddy 1967 Apr.1990 RC-05-27-131
Kazakoff Viola E. Aug. 28, 1920 Apr. 6,
RV-1-1-14 Nee Kalmacoff
Kazakoff Walter A. Sep. 21, 1943 RVNS-51-A-3 Reserved
Kazakoff Walter L. May. 22, 1930 May. 18, 2000 RV-12-4-64
Kazakoff Walter N. 1905 Nov. 1983 RV-04-4-58
Kazakoff Wasyl J. 1905 Oct. 1984 RV-11-4-56
Kazakoff William D. 1914 1968 RV-07-4-56
Khadekin John E. 1907 Apr. 1974 RV-15-2-34
Khadiken Egnat Jan. 1, 1883 May. 7, 1971 RV-10-2-23
Khadiken Laura 1910 RV-01-4-66
Khadiken Mike 1907 Oct. 1981 RV-01-4-67
Kinakin Alice 1904 Mar. 1980 RV-08-3-48
Kinakin Nick G. 1887 1965 RV-08-3-47
Kolesnikoff Hazel 1904 Aug. 1973 RV-16-4-59
Kolesnikoff John P. 1886 1949 RVO-11-3-57
Kolesnikoff Malasha 1883 1947 RVO-11-3-56
Kolesnikoff William S. 1904 Aug. 1977 RV-16-4-60
Kondratoff Alex RV-03-5-81 Reserved
Kondratoff Ann RV-03-5-82 Reserved
Kondratoff Nathan Feb. 20, 1981 Apr. 23, 1994 RV-03-5-80
Kondratoff Steve 1887 Mar. 1972 RV-10-5-79
Konkin Alex RV-05-2-32 Reserved
Konkin Alex W. 1905 1967 RV-07-2-33
Konkin Allen 1940 RVNS-63-C-1 Reserved
Konkin Andrew A. 1919 RV-08-1-13
Konkin Andrew C. 1956 RV-08-1-14
Konkin Anna 1890 1965 RV-02-3-45
Konkin Annie J. 1907 Aug. 1974 RV-15-5-80
Konkin Charlie A. 1893 1965 RV-08-1-17
Konkin Daniel 1873 1943 RVO-12-5-90
Konkin Darlene M. 1960 RV-08-1-15
Konkin Dora F. 1890 1975 RV-14-4-72
Konkin Elizabeth 1897 1974 RVO-Vet-6-4-102
Konkin Elizabeth I. 1902 Aug. 1982 RV-11-2-35
Konkin Emily Jan. 9, 1934 Feb. 14, 1992 RVNS-38-C-2
Konkin Florence 1922 RVNS-65-A-2 Reserved
Konkin Fred F. 1920 Apr. 1982 RV-05-3-43
Konkin Fred F. 1887 1950 RVO-Vet-6-4-103
Konkin Fred G. 1908 Oct. 1986 RV-12-1-06
Konkin Fred W. 1906 Jun. 1977 RV-11-3-45
Konkin Fred W. Jun. 1977 RV-11-3-45 No Marker
Konkin George W. 1915 Jul. 2000 RVNS-65-A-1
Konkin Helen 1928 RV-08-1-16
Konkin Helen D. 1892 Jul. 1976 RV-07-1-02
Konkin Irene 1882 1955 RVO-15-3-48
Konkin Irene RVNS-39-A-4 Reserved
Konkin James RVNS-38-C-2 Reserved
Konkin John D. 1928 Apr. 1977 RV-11-2-34
Konkin John D. 1900 Nov. 1986 RV-11-2-36
Konkin John F. 1880 Mar. 1978 RV-14-3-38
Konkin John F. Jun. 1978 RV-06-5-90 No Marker
Konkin John J. 1900 May. 1985 RV-12-4-69
Konkin John P. Oct. 28, 1912 Feb. 12, 1982 RV-04-5-85
Konkin Luba 1905 2003 RV-08-1-18
Konkin Mabel RV-04-5-86 Reserved
Konkin Margaret G. 1931 Oct. 1996 RV-11-2-33
Konkin Maria 1911 Jan. 1993 RVNS-63-D-2
Konkin Marie RV-05-2-29 Reserved
Konkin Martha 1890 1970 RV-01-3-50
Konkin Mary 1899 RV-01-5-89
Konkin Mary 1871 1952 RVO-12-5-91
Konkin Mary J. 1881 1969 RVO-13-4-120
Konkin Paula Sep. 1978 RV-06-4-60 No Marker
Konkin Pauline 1921 2004 RV-05-3-43
Konkin Pauline M. 1909 1984 RV-11-3-46
Konkin Peter J. Apr. 16, 1925 Feb. 18, 1993 RVNS-39-A-3
Konkin Peter T. 1882 1952 RVO-13-4-121
Konkin Randolph C. 1950 Aug. 1983 RV-05-2-30
Konkin Stephen Feb. 19, 1916 May. 17, 1940 RVO-5-2-24
Konkin Stephen D. 1890 1963 RV-02-3-46
Konkin Twila Jun. 1953 1955 RVO-10-4-76
Konkin Val RV-05-2-31 Reserved
Konkin Walter 1918 Mar. 1990 RV-07-1-03
Konkin Wasil N. 1895 1965 RV-01-5-90
Konkin Wasily F. 1887 1962 RV-01-3-49
Konkin Wasyl A. 1882 1968 RVO-15-3-47
Konkin Wasyl K. Jul. 20, 1879 Dec. 11, 1979 RV-14-2-28
Konkin Wasyl W. 1879 1961 RV-01-2-26
Konkin Wasyl W.A. 1907 Sep. 1983 RV-15-5-79
Konkin William W. 1909 Sep. 1999 RVNS-63-D-1
Konkin William W. 1892 1967 RV-07-1-01
Koochin Fred F. 1900 1967 RV-08-5-85
Koochin Laura 1902 Sep. 1985 RV-08-5-86
Koochin Mabel Zawada 1927 RVO-14-5-66
Koochin William F. 1926 1959 RVO-14-5-65
Kootchin Priscoive RVO-11-4-64 No Marker
Krasnikoff RVO-04-1-05 No Marker
Krasnikoff G.E. 1880 May. 13, 1937 RVO-5-1-01
Krasnikoff George E. 1887 1957 RVO-15-3-40
Krasnikoff John E. 1882 1968 RV-07-4-66
Krasnikoff Katarina 1904 May. 1987 RV-07-4-65
Krasnikoff Matrona RVO-05-2-32 No Marker
Krasnikoff Vera 1908 Nov. 1990 RVO-15-3-39
Krasnikoff Walter 1936 Oct.1978 RV-06-3-49
Kurenoff Alex 1908 Mar. 1982 RV-05-3-45
Kurenoff Larry 1879 1966 RV-08-3-53
Kurenoff Nick L. 1907 Dec. 1989 RVNS-47-A-3
Kurenoff Peter 1915 May. 1999 RV-08-3-52
Kurenoff Polly 1909 Dec. 1990 RV-05-3-46
Kurenoff Polly 1880 1971 RV-08-3-54
Kurenoff Tinie 1914 Dec. 1982 RV-05-1-14
Kurenoff William A. 1911 Nov.1994 RV-05-1-13
Kurnoff Helen 1918 Jan. 1980 RV-03-3-37
Kurnoff John N. 1915 Oct. 1975 RV-14-3-50
Lackten Darren Leslie 1964 Dec. 1983 RV-05-2-19
Lackten Dora 1869 1951 RVO-5-5-71
Lackten Fred 1869 1962 RVO-5-5-72
Lackten John 1908 Apr. 1994 RV-05-1-17
Lackten Melvina RV-05-2-20 Reserved
Lackten Nellie 1905 Jun. 1991 RV-05-1-18
Lacktin Martha May. 12, 1914 RVNS-46-C-4 Reserved
Lacktin Michael 1906 Dec. 1977 RV-14-4-59
Lacktin Vera W. 1904 1981 RV-06-1-02
Lacktin William Jul. 12, 1914 Nov. 2, 1995 RVNS-46-C-3
Lacktin William S. 1902 1993 RV-06-1-01
Lebedoff Anne 1914 Jul. 1995 RVNS-40-A-4
Lebedoff Fred RVO-13-2-61a No Marker
Lebedoff John 1910 Feb. 1995 RVNS-40-A-3
Legebokoff Alex 1872 1950 RVO-Vet-6-4-105
Legebokoff Andrew J. 1924 RV-05-3-44 Reserved
Legebokoff Annie 1905 Jun. 1983 RV-05-3-44
Legebokoff Annie 1909 1970 RV-09-4-65
Legebokoff Bill (Buck) 1923 Sep. 1980 RV-03-3-54
Legebokoff Fred D. 1898 1966 RV-08-4-66
Legebokoff Marsha Sep. 1991 RVNS-61-B-02 No Marker
Legebokoff Tena 1935 1973 RV-15-1-07
Legebokoff W.D. 1898 1967 RV-07-2-24
Legebokoff William 1910 Jan. 1996 RVNS-63-C-2
Mahonin John J. 1885 1969 RV-09-1-13
Mahonin Pauline Feb. 5, 1913 RV-12-5-78 Reserved
Mahonin Peter J. Mar. 18, 1917 Oct. 17, 1986 RV-12-5-77
Makaeff Dasha G. 1872 1954 RVO-13-2-42
Makaeff Larry L. 1873 1960 RVO-13-2-43
Makaeff Mary 1922 Jan. 1982 RV-04-1-10
Makaeff Nick 1915 Sep. 2000 RV-04-1-09
Makasaeff Mary Jan. 15, 1912 Sep. 17, 2004 RVNS-40-A-1
Makasaeff Philip E. 1886 1970 RV-09-4-64
Makasaeff Polly 1888 Dec. 1975 RV-09-4-63
Makortoff Dora 1904 Dec. 1982 RV-04-459
Makortoff Fred 1900 Sep. 1989 RV-04-4-60
Makortoff John W. 1912 Oct. 1988 RVNS-37-B-4
Malakoff Ben R. 1956 Nov. 1973 RV-15-2-33
Malakoff Casper 1922 Mar. 1986 RV-15-2-32
Malakoff Fred J. 1900 1974 RVO-15-6-82
Malakoff Mabel 1927 RV-15-2-31 Reserved
Malakoff Tena G. 1904 1993 RVO-15-6-81
Malekoff William S. 1893 Aug. 1979 RV-06-2-33
Manonin Paul RVO-05-2-30 No Marker
Markin John RVO-04-2-23 No Marker
Markin Laura RVO-04-7-142 No Marker
Markin Pauline RVO-04-7-143 No Marker
Markotoff Annie RV-01-2-32 No Marker
Masloff Pete RVO-10-1-13 No Marker
Matveyen Mafody RVO-04-1-18 No Marker
Matveyenko RVO-04-5-93 No Marker
Matveyenko Alex 1917 May. 1991 RVNS-59-A-1 Stundist
Matveyenko Francis 1889 May. 1987 RV-07-2-31 Stundist
Matveyenko Helen Oct. 10, 1915 Jun. 18, 1995 RV-03-4-57 Stundist
Matveyenko Maria 1930 RVNS-59-A-2 Stundist
Matveyenko Olga 1900 Nov. 1985 RV-09-2-31 Stundist
Matveyenko Paul 1890 1968 RV-09-2-32 Stundist
Matveyenko Walter M. 1908 1967 RV-07-2-32 Stundist
McKave Nellie 1908 Aug. 1986 RV-03-2-23
McKave William 1902 Jun. 1980 RV-03-2-24
Mojelski Annie Nov.1975 RVO-13-3-67
Mojelski Fred Nov. 29, 1910 Jan. 22, 1970 RV-09-3-47
Mojelski George Jun. 3, 1934 Nov. 16, 2000 RVNS-44-D-3
Mojelski George A. 1882 1952 RVO-13-3-66
Mojelski Mabel Jul. 7, 1916 Jan. 9, 2000 RV-09-3-48
Mojelski Pauline W. 1916 RV-11-1-12
Mojelski William A. 1909 May. 1983 RV-11-1-11
Mojelsky Nellie A. 1890 Jun. 1979 RV-08-1-06
Mojelsky Tom N. 1890 1965 RV-08-1-05
Moojelski Nick 1904 1993 RV-03-2-20
Moojelski Polly 1910 Apr. 1980 RV-03-2-19
Moojelsky John K. 1878 1961 RV-01-4-69
Morosoff Anne R. 1920 Nov. 1999 RVNS-57-B-3
Morosoff Bertha 1915 RV-12-3-50 Reserved
Morosoff P.P. 1890 1943 RVO-5-4-63
Morosoff Peter Jr. 1913 Nov. 1984 RV-12-3-49
Morosoff Polly 1892 Jan. 1977 RV-11-3-37
Morozoff RVO-04-1-04 No Marker
Morozoff Mary J. Apr. 3, 1925 RVNS-54-B-3 Reserved
Morozoff Paul M. Apr. 26, 1923 Aug. 13, 2004 RVNS-54-B-2
Morozoff Polly 1887 Dec. 1971 RV-10-5-83
Morozoff Richard P. Dec. 20, 1949 RVNS-54-B-3 Reserved
Mudrakoff RVO-04-5-94 No Marker
Nadane Alex 1906 1993 RV-15-5-84
Nadane Debra 1954 1984 RV-15-5-84
Nadane Dora Feb. 29, 1912 Oct. 30, 2001 RVNS-42-A-4
Nadane Mary B. Oct. 29, 1919 Mar. 14, 1989 RV-13-5-88
Nadane Mike Feb. 3, 1918 RV-13-5-88 Reserved
Nadane Nellie 1916 1989 RV-15-5-84
Nadane Samuel 1885 Sep. 1977 RV-15-5-83
Nadane Tatiana 1886 1975 RV-15-5-84
Nahornoff Mary RVO-04-5-102 No Marker
Nahornoff Nora G. 1890 1959 RVO-14-3-44
Negraiff Alex W. 1921 Sep. 1988 RV-06-2-26
Negraiff Fedosia A. 1877 Mar. 21, 1940 RVO-5-2-23
Negraiff Mary E. 1922 RV-06-2-25 Reserved
Negraiff Nick W. 1904 Jul. 1984 RV-14-3-41
Negraiff Sam Oct. 1974 RV-06-1-04 No Marker
Negraiff Tina N. 1902 Dec. 1975 RV-14-3-42
Negraiff Wasyl M. 1877 1964 RV-02-2-24
Negrave Annie 1915 Oct. 1988 RV-05-4-57
Negrave Mike 1912 Oct. 1983 RV-05-4-58
Negrieff Fred RV-08-4-59 No Marker
Nichvalodoff Axenia 1884 May. 1974 RV-08-5-76
Nichvalodoff Nick 1877 1966 RV-08-5-75
Nichvolodoff Vera RV-07-5-83 No Marker