1853 Tax Register of Doukhobors in the Caucasus

1853 tax register of doukhobors in the caucasus

The 1853 Tax Register of Doukhobors in the Caucasus by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff is perhaps one of the most important sources for Doukhobor genealogical research in Russia. The book is compiled from the original Russian tax records housed at the Georgian State Archives in Tbilisi, Georgia.

This book contains detailed family information about the Doukhobors living in the Caucasus mountain region of Russia in 1853 and includes: the name and age of the males in each household, the family relationship to the head of the household, the year of arrival from Russia, the number of males and females in each household and more.  This information is made available to Doukhobor genealogists for the first time. Contains full bibliographic references and a comprehensive index. View Sample Page.

The 1853 Tax Register of Doukhobors in the Caucasus makes it possible to trace many Doukhobor families back to the late 18th century in Russia.

1853 Tax Register of Doukhobors in the Caucasus (ISBN 0-9730338-3-5) is a 95 page soft-cover book. Price: $30.00 plus $2.65 postage and handling.  To order copies through cheque, money-order or PayPal, please contact:

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