Index of Doukhobor Settlements in the 1901 Canada Census

by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff

The following geographic finding aid may be used to locate Doukhobors in the 1901 Canada Census. Search by province, district, sub-district and page number to find a comprehensive listing of Doukhobor settlements (villages, work camps, homesteads, households, etc.). Then consult the Library and Archives Canada microfilm copies or online images of the original census to find specific Doukhobor entries.

Index – ManitobaTerritories


District No. and Name Sub-District No. and Name Doukhobor Entries Pages Microfilm
Brandon b-1 Brandon Independent households 15. T-6431
6 Brandon b-4 Brandon Independent household 5. T-6431
6 Brandon b-6 Brandon Independent household 5. T-6431
7 Lisgar f-7 Rhineland Individual 9. T-6432 
7 Lisgar h-10 Stanley Individual 16. T-6432
9 Marquette q-3 Russell Individual 2. T-6434

The Territories

District No. and Name Sub-District No. and Name Doukhobor Entries Pages Microfilm
203 Assiniboia East c-2 Insinger Novo-Goreloye 131415. T-6552
203 Assiniboia East e(2)-1 Kamsack Truzhdeniye 12. T-6552
Petrovo 2345.
Novo-Petrovo (partial) 5612.
Kamenka (partial) 6789.
Nikolayevka (partial) 9101112.
Rodionovka (not enumerated) 12.
Smirenovka (S) (not enumerated) 12.
Voskreseniye (not enumerated) 12.
Vossianiye (not enumerated) 12.
Efremovka (not enumerated) 13.
Tambovka (S) (not enumerated) 13.
Terpeniye (S) (not enumerated) 13.
203 Assiniboia East e(2)-2 Kamsack Pozirayevka (S) 123. T-6552
Slavyanka Company No. 1 34.
Slavyanka Company No. 2 45.
Verovka 567.
Verovka No. 2 789.
Blagodarnoye (not enumerated) 17.
203 Assiniboia East e-4 Yorkton Independent homesteads 1214. T-6553
203  Assiniboia East t-3  Wapella Individual 16. T-6553
203 Assiniboia East x(2)-1 Pelly Terpeniye (Kars) (S) 123456. T-6552
Smirenovka (Kars) (S) 678910.
Poterpevshiye 1011121314.
Slavyanka (S) 1415.
Pokrovka (S) 15161718.
Sovetovka (not enumerated) 20.
Spasovka (S) (not enumerated) 20.
203 Assiniboia East x(2)-2 Pelly Novo-Troitskoye (N) (partial) 14. T-6552
Vera (partial) 124.
Lubomirnoye (partial) 24.
Bogdanovka (N) (not enumerated) 4.
Mikhailovka (not enumerated) 4.
Osvobozhdeniye (not enumerated) 4.
Pokrovka (N) (not enumerated) 4.
Spasovka (N) (not enumerated) 4.
Stradeyevka (not enumerated) 4.
Tikhomirnoye (not enumerated) 4.
203 Assiniboia East y Devils Lake Besedovka 123. T-6552
Blagovishcheniye 3456.
Individuals 611.
Kirilovka (GS) 78.
Moiseyevo 891011.
Blagosklonnoye 13141516.
Goreloye 1617.
Novo-Spasskoye 171819.
Utesheniye 1920212223.
Novo-Troitskoye (GS) 2324252627.
205 Saskatchewan s-1 Prince Albert East Work party 25. T-6553
205 Saskatchewan z Hague Individual 24. T-6553
205 Saskatchewan m-1 Muskeg Lake Spasovka (SA) 4567. T-6553
Pozirayevka (SA) 78.
Uspeniye (SA) 8910111213.
Terpeniye (SA) 13141516.
Petrovka 16171819.
Tambovka (SA) 1920.
Troitskoye 20212223.
Gorelovka 2324252627.
205 Saskatchewan n-2 Tiefengrund Uspeniye (SA) 34567. T-6554
Pozirayevka (SA) 78.
Troitskoye 9101112.
Gorelovka 1213141516.
Tambovka (SA) 1617.
205 Saskatchewan n-1 Nut Lake Troitskoye (N) 345. T-6553
Uspeniye (N) 56.
205 Saskatchewan  o-2 Waldheim Petrovka (SA) 10111213. T-6554
205 Saskatchewan p-1 Osler Kirilovka (SA) 678. T-6553
Bogdanovka (SA) 910.
Pokrovka (SA) 111213.
205 Saskatchewan t Ebenfeld Terpeniye (SA) 9101112. T-6553


This finding aid may be used to locate Doukhobor census enumerations both in the original census records and in census transcriptions such as those provided online by or Automated Genealogy. For an overview of the 1901 Canada Census, including its historical background, content, usefulness and reliability, availability and published indices, see the Guide to Doukhobor Census Records.

Where two or more villages share the same place name, it is denoted by the first letter of the reserve in which it is located: North Reserve (N); South Reserve (S); Good Spirit Annex (GS); and Saskatchewan Reserve (SA); and within the reserves by numbers (No. 1 or No. 2).

The 1901 Canada Census is incomplete as 2,811 Doukhobors in 23 villages refused to be enumerated by census takers. These include the villages of Novo-Petrovo, Kamenka, Nikolayevka, Rodionovka, Smirenovka, Voskreseniye, Vossianiye, Efremovka, Tambovka (S) and Terpeniye (S) in Kamsack Sub-District No. e(2)-1; Blagodarnoye in Kamsack Sub-District No. e(2)-2; Sovetovka and Spasovka (S) in Pelly Sub-District No. x(2)-1; and Novo-Troitskoye (N), Vera, Lyubomirnoye, Bogdanovka (S), Mikhailovka, Osvobozhdeniye, Pokrovka (N), Spasovka (N), Stradeyevka and Tikhomirnoye in Pelly Sub-District No. x(2)-2.

Also, the 1901 Canada Census contains duplicate entries as 1,021 Doukhobors in 7 villages were enumerated twice. These include the villages of Pozirayevka (SA), Uspeniye (SA), Troitskoye (SA), Gorelovka and Tambovka (SA) in Muskeg Lake Sub-District No. m-1 and Tiefengrund Sub-District No. n-1; Petrovka in Muskeg Lake Sub-District No. m-1 and Waldheim Sub-District No. o-2; and Terpeniye (SA) in Muskeg Lake Sub-District No. m-1 and Ebenfeld Sub-District No. t.

The handwritten village names listed in the original census records for Muskeg Lake Sub-District No. m-1 are disordered and incorrect, and consequently potentially quite confusing.  Please refer to the above index for the correct listing of villages in this sub-district.

This article was reproduced by permission in the Bulletin Vol. 40 No. 4 (Regina: Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, December 2009).