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District: Ebenezer
Province: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
In 1910, the Grand Trunk Railway contracted the CCUB to build a branch line between Yorkton and Canora, Saskatchewan. The railway then built a siding and surveyed a townsite at a point ten miles south of Yorkton. It was originally named Anoka, possibly after the city in Minnesota. It was soon renamed Ebenezer to correspond with the nearby post office (1891-1911) which took its name from the Bible in 1 Samuel 7:12 and meant “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us”. It was primarily settled by German Baptists. While Doukhobors did not settle in Ebenezer, they played a significant role in its development. At Ebenezer, the CCUB built for hire a 25,000-bushel grain elevator (1910), a two-story brick general store, adjoining business building and residence known as the ‘Border Block’ (1911), a two-story brick home and cinderblock barn (1911), and a two-story brick hotel, adjoining business buildings and residence known as the ‘Janzen Block’ (1920). It also owned 12 business lots and 8 residential lots (1910) and built a large barn and adjoining business office (1914) for its own use. Ebenezer was incorporated as a village in 1948. Today, it is a small rural farming community (2006 pop. 139). [25-27-4-W2] [51° 22' 0" N - 102° 27' 0" W]



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