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District: Akyaka
Province: Kars
Country: Turkey
In 1879, Doukhobors from Elizavetpol established the village of Kirilovka (Кириловка) on the Kars River in the Shuragel district of Kars province, Russia (present-day Akyaka district, Kars province, Turkey). It was named after the village of Kirilovka in Tavria where many of the families had originated, thirty-five years earlier. In 1899, it was abandoned following the Doukhobor migration to Canada. Thereafter, it was renamed Golitsyno (Голицыно) after Prince Grigory Golitsyn (1835-1907), Chief Head of the Civil Administration of the Caucasus from 1896 to 1904, and resettled by Russian Orthodox peasants. The village was abandoned again in 1918-1921 when Russia ceded Kars to Turkey. (1886 pop. 602) [40 47' N - 43 33' E]



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