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District: Kurzeme
Province: Kurzeme
Country: Latvia
In 1797-1798, 55 Doukhobors from Kharkov province were exiled to the town of Dünamünde (Динамюнде) in the Riga district of Livonia province, Russia (present-day Daugavgrîva, Kurzeme region, Latvia). They were jointed by another 150 Kharkov Doukhobors – transferred there from exile on the island of Ezel – in 1799. There, they were imprisoned in the Dünamünde Fortress. The conditions were squalid and inhumane, and several exiles perished from mistreatment, disease and malnutrition. They remained there until 1801, when the Doukhobor exiles were pardoned and permitted to return to their former places of residence in Kharkov. [57.0333° N - 24.0333° E]



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