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District: Saare
Province: Saare
Country: Estonia
Beginning in 1779, small groups of Don Cossack Doukhobors were exiled to the island of Ezel (Эзель) in the Baltic Sea, in Livonia province, Russia (present-day Saaremaa island, Saare county, Estonia). Then, in 1797-1798, 150 Doukhobors from Kharkov province were exiled there. Those exiled to the island endured much hardship, privation and suffering. They were not allowed to move from their assigned places of exile nor seek a livelihood in any way. At the same time, local authorities failed to provide them with sufficient food, clothing or shelter. Consequently, a number of Doukhobors perished from exhaustion, disease and malnutrition. They remained there until 1799, when they were transferred to a new place of exile - the fortress town of Dünamünde on the Baltic mainland. [58.4167° N - 22.5000° E]



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