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District: West Grand Forks
Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
In 1909, Community Doukhobors from Saskatchewan purchased 2,700 acres of land along the Kettle River valley in the West Grand Forks district of British Columbia. They named the valley Dolina Fruktova (Долина Фруктова) meaning “valley of fruit” in Russian. It was later known as Fruktovoye (Фруктовое) and eventually Fruktova (Фруктова). There, they cleared the forest, planted fruit orchards, vegetable gardens and grain fields and established twelve communal villages as well as a leader’s residence (1909), brickworks (1909), sawmill (1909), irrigation-works (1909), flourmill (1912), central warehouse and store (1914), seed cleaning plant (1915), linseed oil press (1917), packinghouse (1920) and cannery (1935), shingle factory, apiary and prayer home. A large canning factory built in 1935 was destroyed by fire the same year. Fruitova School District operated there from 1929 to 1949. From 1928 onwards, the area was known as Sion (Сион) due to its proximity to Sionskaya Gora. Following the demise of the CCUB in 1937-1938, the communal organization gradually declined. By 1961-1963, the CCUB lands were sold, the villages were disbanded and the name fell into disuse [District Lot 24, 364, 365, 453, 497, 700, 1699, Similkameen Division, Yale District]



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