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District: Ekaterinburg
Province: Sverdlovsk
Country: Russia
During the reign of Tsar Pavel (1799-1801), small groups of Doukhobors from South Russia were condemned to penal labour in the Ekaterinburg mines in Perm (present-day Sverdlovsk) province, Russia. These included 31 Kharkov and Ekaterinoslav Doukhobors in 1799 and 33 Tavria Doukhobors in 1800. The conditions there were squalid and inhumane and a number of the exiles perished from mistreatment, disease and malnutrition. When Tsar Alexander I assumed the throne in 1801, he permitted the Kharkov and Ekaterinoslav exiles to return to their homes, and in 1802, to form a colony in the Melitopol district of Tavria. The Tavria exiles in Ekaterinburg, however, were transferred to the Nerchinsk mines to perform penal labour; in 1805-1809, they were finally permitted to form a colony in the Nizhne-Udinsk district of Irkutsk similar to the one in Tavria. The fate of those Doukhobors, if any, who remained in Ekaterinburg, is unknown.



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