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District: Suzuz
Province: Kars
Country: Turkey
In 1883-1886, Doukhobors from Tiflis province established the village of Novo-Pokrovka (Ново-Покровка) along the Fehmiharebesi Stream in the Zarishat district of Kars province, Russia (present-day Suzuz district, Kars province, Turkey). It was named after Pokrov, the festival of the “Intercession” held by the Doukhobors on October 1st to celebrate the protection and intercession of the Virgin Mary. In the 1890’s, the village name was shortened to Pokrovka (Покровка). After Russia ceded Kars to Turkey in 1918-1921, the Doukhobor population abandoned the village and relocated to Rostov and Zaporiz'ka provinces. Thereafter it was resettled by Turks and renamed Porsuklu, derived from the Turkish term porsuk meaning "badger". (1886 pop. 550) [40° 48' 0" N - 43° 15' 0" E]



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