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District: Nelson
Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
On August 30, 1929, 244 Sons of Freedom Doukhobors established a tent camp near a large slag heap (zhuzhlitsa) from the former Hall Mines smelter on the southwest outskirts of Nelson, British Columbia. They remained there for three weeks in protest of the imprisonment of 112 of their brethren at the provincial prison in the city. On September 21, 1929, provincial police arrived at the camp and ordered the Freedomites to move. When they refused to do so, a physical clash ensued. The adults were removed and confined, without arrest, in the provincial prison and their children taken to the Salvation Army barracks. On September 25, 1929, the Sons of Freedom were transported to Porto Rico, British Columbia, where they were forcibly interned until the following year. [49.48689 N, - 117.30254 W]



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