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District: Lundbreck
Province: Alberta
Country: Canada
In 1903, the Breckenbridge and Lund Coal Company built a coal mining camp along the Canadian Pacific Railway ten miles east of the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. It was named Lundbreck, a compound of the coal company name. A farming hamlet was formed there. It was first settled by English Canadians and later Doukhobors. Situated beside a 13,500 acre Doukhobor colony (1915-1937), Lundbreck has been an important centre of Doukhobor activity. At Lundbreck, Community Doukhobors built a grain elevator (1916), flour mill (1922-1936), warehouse, communal residence, blacksmith shop and several large barns. Following the demise of the CCUB in 1937-1938, a number of Doukhobors established private residences there. In 1953, the United Doukhobors of Alberta built a prayer home there. Today, Lundbreck is a small, unincorporated rural farming community (2006 pop. 234). [49 35' 8" N - 114 9' 43" W]



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