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District: Cowley
Province: Alberta
Country: Canada
In 1898, the Canadian Pacific Railway built a station and surveyed a townsite eight miles northwest of Pincher Creek, Alberta near the Oldman River. It was named Cowley, the local name of the district since 1892, which is of indeterminate origin. It was incorporated as a village in 1906. It was first settled by French Canadians and later Doukhobors. Situated beside a 13,500 acre Doukhobor colony (1915-1937), Cowley has been an important centre of Doukhobor activity. At Cowley, Community Doukhobors built a prayer home and central meeting house (1915), 70,000-bushel grain elevator (1916), warehouse, two communal residences and several large barns. Following the demise of the CCUB in 1937-1938, a number of Doukhobors established private residences there. Today, Cowley is a small rural farming community (2006 pop. 219). [49 34' 0" N - 114 4' 0" W]



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