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District: Hamton
Province: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
In 1907, Community Doukhobors purchased a 320 acre farm from Mennonite settler Jacob D. Wurtz (1856-1921) along Wallace Creek in the present Hamton district of Saskatchewan. Thereafter, the Wurtz Farm was known among Doukhobors by its Russianized name, Burtsevo (Бурцево). It served as a stopping place for Doukhobors traveling by horse and wagon on the Fort Pelly Trail between Veregin and Yorkton. It had special quarters for Doukhobor leader Peter "Lordly" Verigin to stay when he travelled through the area. It was also a centre for communal horse-raising. The farm was eventually sold in 1918. (1911 pop. 12) [E 16-28-3-W2] [51.40315 N, -102.36369 W]



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