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District: Yorkton
Province: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
In 1882, the York Farmers’ Colonization Company founded an agricultural colony on the Little Whitesand River, 250 miles west of Winnipeg. It was originally named York City after York County, Ontario, where many of the earliest settlers originated. In 1884, it was renamed Yorkton. When the Manitoba and North Western Railway arrived in 1893, the colony was relocated two miles south to the new town site laid out by the railway at its present location. In 1894, it was incorporated as a village, and in 1900, as a town. At this time, it was the “end of the steel”. In 1910, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway arrived there, followed by the Canadian Northern Railway in 1914-1915. It was incorporated as a city in 1928. Historically, Yorkton has been an important centre of Doukhobor commercial activity. At Yorkton, the CCUB built a communal residence for Doukhobor travelers from outlaying areas (1904), brick factory, drying sheds, four brick workers’ residences and outbuildings (1905), flour warehouse (1906), the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway branch line from Yorkton to Canora (1910), six brick revenue houses (1932), and the two-story brick “Blackstone Hotel” building (1935). A number of city buildings were built with Doukhobor brick. As well, from 1899 on, Independent Doukhobors established a number of businesses, organizations and private residences. Today, Yorkton serves as a major commercial and distribution centre for the surrounding district (2006 pop. 15,038). [51° 12' 50" N - 102° 27' 46" W]



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