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Ust' Notora

District: Amga
Province: Sakha-Yakutia Republic
Country: Russia
Between 1897 and 1899, 90 Doukhobor military conscripts from the Caucasus were exiled to the Amga district of Yakutsk province (present-day Sakha-Yakutia Republic), Russia. There, near the mouth of the River Notora where it meets the River Aldan, they established the village of Ust’ Notora (Усть Нотора), meaning “mouth of the Notora” in Russian. They communally cleared and cultivated small agricultural plots and operated a flourmill. In 1899, they were joined by another 40 Doukhobors from the Caucasus – their wives and children. The village was abandoned in 1905 when the exiles were pardoned and allowed to join their brethren in Canada. [61° 0' 11" N - 135° 16' 36" E]



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