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District: Buchanan
Province: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
In 1899, Doukhobors from Kars, Russia established the village of Moiseyevo (Мойсеево) on the Assiniboine River in the present Sturgis district of Saskatchewan. It was named after the Biblical figure Moisei (Moses) who is referenced in many Doukhobor psalms. It was also known as Moiseyevka (Мойсеевка). In 1902, it was relocated to a new site eighteen miles south near Spirit Creek in the present Buchanan district to be closer to the railroad. In 1907, it was renamed Khristianovka (Христиановка), derived from the Russian term khristian meaning "Christian". Thereafter, it was also known as Khristianskoye (Христианское). It had a steam-powered grist mill. By 1917 it was abandoned as villagers relocated to individual homesteads or to British Columbia. (1905 pop. 141) [10-34-4-W2; NE21-31-6-W2] [51.67067 N, -102.79808 W]



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