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District: Canora
Province: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
In 1904, the Canadian Northern Railway built a station and surveyed a townsite thirty miles north of Yorkton, Saskatchewan near the Whitesand River. It was named Canora, using the first two letters of each word in the rail company name. It was incorporated as a village in 1908 and as a town in 1910. It was first settled by Doukhobors, Romanians and Ukrainians. Situated between the South Reserve and Good Spirit Lake Annex (1899-1918), Canora has been an important centre of Doukhobor activity. At Canora, Community Doukhobors built the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway branch line to Yorkton (1910); a trading store (1911), warehouse (1912), grain elevator (1912), business office and residence (1913) and a large livery barn (1913). As well, Independent Doukhobors established numerous businesses, organizations and private residences. In the Teens and Twenties, the town was said to have a ‘Doukhobor Quarter’. In 1950, the Canora Doukhobor Society built a prayer home there. Today, Canora serves primarily as an agricultural service centre for the surrounding district, which contains both grain and mixed farms (2006 pop. 2,013). [51° 38' 0" N - 102° 26' 0" W]



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