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District: Buchanan
Province: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
In 1905, the Canadian Northern Railway built a station and surveyed a townsite fifteen miles west of Canora, Saskatchewan. It was named Buchanan after prominent local rancher Robert Buchanan (1854-1919). It was incorporated as a village in 1907. It was first settled by Doukhobors and later Scandinavians and Ukrainians. Situated within the Good Spirit Lake Annex (1899-1918), Buchanan has been a major hub of Doukhobor activity. At Buchanan, Independent Doukhobors established a prayer home (1916-1986), grain elevator (1916) and flour mill (1917) along with numerous businesses, organizations and private residences. From 1932 to 1938, Community Doukhobors operated a trading store and warehouse and lumber yard there. Today, Buchanan is a small rural farming community (2006 pop. 225). [51 42' 0" N - 102 45' 0" W]



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