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District: Akyaka
Province: Kars
Country: Turkey
In 1879, Doukhobors from Elizavetpol established the village of Terpeniye (Терпение) along the Karahan River in the Shuragel district of Kars province, Russia (present-day Akyaka district, Kars province, Turkey). It was named for the village of Terpeniye in Tavria where many of the families had originated, thirty-five years earlier. In 1899, it was abandoned during the Doukhobor migration to Canada. Thereafter, it was renamed Plodorodnoye (Плодородное) meaning “fertile” in Russian, and resettled by Russian Orthodox peasants. It was abandoned again in 1918-1921 when Russia ceded Kars to Turkey. Thereafter the village was resettled by Turks and renamed Karahan after the river. That name, in turn, means "black Kahn" in Turkish and refers to the ancient Turkish tribe that once settled the area. (1886 pop. 886) [40° 47' 1" N - 43° 34' 0" E]



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