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Koloniya Svobody

District: Peoria
Province: Oregon
Country: United States
In 1913, twenty-seven Doukhobor families from Saskatchewan, incorporated as the Society of Independent Doukhobors, purchased 1,000 acres of land along the Willamette River near Peoria in Linn County, Oregon. They were joined by two Molokan families from California. Together, they established the Koloniya Svobody (Колония Свободы) meaning “Freedom Colony” in Russian. It was so named because the colonists considered it the first center of free Doukhobor life “where each had the full right to tell the truth and fear no-one”. The colony was established on a cooperative basis. It was short-lived, however, as the colonists were misled as to the quantity and quality of the land, much of which was flood-prone and unsuitable for agriculture. Moreover, the deed was drawn up such that if one colonist defaulted, each of the others was liable for the debt. Following protracted litigation, in which the colonists failed to have the land purchase set aside, the colony was abandoned in 1917-1918. [D.L.C. No. 44; portion of D.L.C. No. 52; portion of Section 19; and portion of Section 16; all in Township 13, Range 4, West of Willamette Meridian] [44.43785° N - 123.21184° W]



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