New Book Traces History of Langham, Saskatchewan and District

For Immediate Release – August 1, 2007

A new local history book has been published for the Langham, Saskatchewan area. The book, entitled “Langham & District History, 1907-2007” traces the history of the community from its origins as a small prairie railway siding, through its incorporation as a town, to its development into a modern centre.

The book, published by the Langham & District History Book Committee, outlines the early tide of immigration, land surveying, and settler groups that arrived in the area at the turn of the last century. It then follows the footsteps of the dreamers, visionaries and entrepreneurs who established Langham and district. An extensive section details the biographies of local families. Memories of the rural and town schools are vividly recalled in the book. The many places of worship and prayer are also well described. The story traces the social and political evolution of the town, the development of local services and institutions, along with details of memorable local events. The book closes with an album of memories containing beautiful historic photographs of Langham and district.

Main Street, Langham, Saskatchewan, circa 1907.

The Doukhobors, one of the original settler groups in the Langham area, are well represented in the book. Writer and historian Jonathan J. Kalmakoff contributed an article outlining the history of the Doukhobors, from their origins and beliefs in Tsarist Russia, through to their arrival and settlement in the Langham district. Copies of early Doukhobor immigration documents are included, along with surveyors’ maps of Doukhobor villages, village histories and lists of the original Doukhobor pioneer settlers.

Kalmakoff became involved with the local history book when he was contacted by the organizing committee to provide an overview of the Doukhobors. “I am excited and honoured to have contributed towards this book”, said Kalmakoff. “It is important that the Doukhobor contribution to the history and development of Langham is documented. This book tells their story for present and future generations.”

The book contains a number of detailed biographies submitted by local Doukhobor families, including the Antifaev, Bludoff, Bondaroff, Boulanoff, Chudyk, Demoskoff, Fedosoff, Givotkoff, Harelkin, Holoboff, Kasahoff, Nemanishen, Osatchoff, Ozeroff, Perehudoff, Popoff, Rebalkin, Sherstobitoff, Shukin, Stushnoff, Tarasoff and Woykin families. Many other Doukhobor families are referenced throughout the book.

Kirilovka Doukhobor village near Langham, Saskatchewan, circa 1907.

A history of the Langham Doukhobor Prayer Home, along with detailed transcriptions of the Bogdanovka (Ceepee), Kirilowka (Epp), Pakrowka (Henrietta) and Tambovka cemeteries by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff also commemorate the Doukhobor settlers of the Langham area.

Readers with a general interest in the area will find this well-illustrated book a welcome addition to their coffee table or reference library. Genealogists and family historians will find it useful for its biographical information, summaries of the area’s settlement, details of where people came from and how they arrived, and information about community institutions.

Town of Langham Website“Langham & District History, 1907-2007” is a 703-page hardcover book available for $50.00, tax included.  A limited edition of 500 books have been published and 450 have already been sold.  For further information about the book, or to order copies, visit the Town of Langham web site at: http:/