Winlaw Doukhobor Cemetery – Winlaw, British Columbia

The following is a transcription of Winlaw Doukhobor Cemetery located at Winlaw, British Columbia. Land location: District Lot 3819, Kootenay District. Latitude: 49°36.078. Longitude: 117°34.800. Transcribed on May 6, 2007 by Lawrna Myers. 

View of the cemetery from the east edge facing west.

Historical Background

Winlaw Cemetery was established in 1913 by the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (“CCUB”) to serve the Kirpichnoye (Claybrick) village settlement. After the demise of the CCUB in 1937-1939, the cemetery continued to be used by members of its successor organization, the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (“USCC”) until 1963. It is no longer in active use and is somewhat overgrown. It is privately owned.


The cemetery is a tenth of an acre in size and is enclosed by a dilapidated wire fence with a gate. The cemetery contains approximately 50 interments in one section comprised of eight rows facing east-west. Approximately 45 of the graves have no marker, however, many of the mounds are still clearly visible. I have used death registrations to identify these. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are typically plain wooden, metal or concrete upright headstones or flat markers set flush to the ground. Click here for an online cemetery map.

Driving Directions

To access the cemetery from Winlaw, turn east off Highway 6 onto Cedar Creek Road and continue for 500 m (437 yards) until you reach the Slocan River. Cross the river on the Winlaw Bridge and turn south (left) onto Slocan River Road. Continue for 2.1 km (1.3 miles), passing the greenhouses (right-hand side of the road) until you read Kazakoff Road. Approximately 150 meters (164 yards) past Kazakoff Road, there is an overgrown trail blocked off by logs in an x-shape.  Walk straight into the bush along this trail for approximately 50 meters (54 yards).  Then turn left and continue for approximately 10 meters (11 yards) until you reach the cemetery.


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Bloudoff George 1873 Feb. 20, 1941 No Marker
Bojey Annie 1863 Apr. 16, 1943 No Marker
Bojey Paul Sep. 9, 1938 Mar. 17, 1941 No Marker
Chernoff Baby  – No Marker – Child of John &  Hazel
Chernoff Mary 1837 Dec. 18, 1939 No Marker
Faminoff Emma Nov. 16, 1940 Dec. 8, 1940 No Marker – aka Savinkoff
Faminoff John  – No Marker
Fominoff Helen  –  – No Marker
Gritchen Dora Sep. 1879 Aug. 17, 1943 No Marker
Jmaeff Helen 1859 Feb. 16, 1943 No Marker
Kabatoff Tony Oct. 26, 1908 Apr. 29, 1952 No Marker
Kalmakoff Polly 1882 1952  
Kinakin John T. Oct. 1876 Nov. 5, 1943 No Marker
Makortoff Malasha Dec. 21, 1875 Jun. 22, 1950 No Marker
Malakoff (Babyshka)  –  – No Marker
Malakoff Dora  –  – No Marker
Malakoff George  –  – No Marker
Perepolkin Annie 1844 Apr. 18, 1944 No Marker
Picton Nick Nov. 10, 1900 Nov. 17, 1950 No Marker
Pudmaroff George Feb. 11, 1912 Oct. 4, 1948  
Poohachoff Annie 1869 Mar. 19, 1939 No Marker
Poohachoff William  –  – No Marker
Poohachow Koozma Sep. 19, 1926 Sep. 10, 1949 No Marker
Poohachow Koozmo N.  – Feb. 3, 1950 No Marker
Poohachow Mary 1903 1963  
Popoff Louis A. 1900 1944  
Popoff Peter Aug. 22, 1905 Jan. 16, 1940 No Marker
Rebalkin Paul I. 1856 Nov. 4, 1948  
Repin Elizabeth 1927 Aug. 18, 1941 No Marker
Shkuratoff Mike  –  – No Marker
Sosoeff Fred 1864 Oct. 6, 1940 No Marker
Verigin (infant)   –  – No Marker
Verigin (infant)   –  – No Marker
Verigin (infant)   –  – No Marker
Verigin Nick N. Sep. 1871 Jan. 21, 1944 No Marker
Verigin Polly 1868 Dec. 23, 1940 No Marker
Verigin Pronya  – abt. 1933 No Marker
Wishlow Joseph Nov. 27, 1904 Apr. 18, 1948 No Marker
Zarchikoff Helen  –  – No Marker
Zarchikoff Helen  – No Marker – Child of Pete & Mary

Close-up view of the cemetery from the west edge facing east. Note the grave mounds.

Note the dilapidated fence and gate.


Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information including: marker transcriptions, death registrations and oral tradition. Special thanks to Greg Nesteroff and Corinne Postnikoff for assisting in locating the cemetery and identifying interments. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Winlaw Doukhobor Cemetery please Contact Us.