Sleepy Hollow (Ubezhishche) Doukhobor Cemetery – Grand Forks District, British Columbia

The following is a transcription of the Sleepy Hollow (Ubezhishche) Cemetery located 8 kilometers west of Grand Forks, British Columbia. Land location: Lot F, District Lot 1027, Similkameen Division, Yale District Plan 17794, in the Kettle River Assessment District. Latitude: 49°00.103. Longitude: 118°32.433. Transcribed by Lawrna S. Myers with John Reibin, Lillian Fofonoff and Alex, Martha, Joe and Janet Kazakoff in June 2006. Updated on February 3, 2007.

View of the cemetery from the north looking south.

Historical Background

Ubezhishche Cemetery was established in 1909 by the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood ("CCUB") to serve the Ubezhishche settlement area. After the demise of the CCUB in 1937-1939, the cemetery continued to be used by its successor organization, the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ ("USCC") until the 1960’s. Located in the area known as Sleepy Hollow, it also came to be known as Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. It is no longer in active use. It is privately owned and maintained by the USCC Cemetery Association.


The cemetery is approximately two acres in size and is partially enclosed by a wire fence on the south side.  It is located on a hillside. The cemetery contains approximately 65 interments in a single section comprised of ten rows facing east-west. The vast majority of graves (59) have no marker and the mounds have been leveled. I have used burial records, death registrations and oral tradition to identify these. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are typically plain concrete upright headstones or flat markers set flush to the ground. Click here for an online cemetery map.

Driving Directions

To access the cemetery, travel west from Grand Forks on Highway No. 3 for approximately eight kilometers (4.9 miles), past the Highway No. 41 junction and up Spencer Hill. As the highway makes a bend to the north, turn off onto the highway pull-out on the left-hand side. From there, turn onto Sleepy Hollow Road and continue around the corner and down the hill for approximately 1.5 kilometers (.9 mile). You will come to a Doukhobor village site on the left-hand side of the road. Turn into the approach for the village site. After parking, walk west around the south side of the village house and continue for approximately 250 meters (273 yards).


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date


Astofooroff Alesha –   – No Marker
Bondoreff Fatoosha –   – No Marker
Bondoreff Helen –   – No Marker
Cheveldaeff Doonya –   – No Marker
Danshin Aroosha –   – No Marker
Danshin John –   – No Marker
Esouloff Hapachka (Helen) 1917 1917 No Marker
Fedosoff John –   – No Marker
Fedosoff Matroosha –   – No Marker
Hlookoff Dmitri W. 1891  – No Marker
Hlookoff Helen –   – No Marker
Hlookoff Helen N. –   – No Marker
Hlookoff John N. –   – No Marker
Hlookoff Mary –   – No Marker
Hlookoff Nastia –   – No Marker
Hlookoff William N. –   – No Marker
Horkoff Mary –   – No Marker
Kalmakoff Mavroonya –   – No Marker
Kazakoff Alexan J. Aug. 1889 Jun. 5, 1955 No Marker
Kazakoff Fatoosha N. 1864 Apr. 17, 1942 No Marker
Kazakoff Lookeriya A. –   – No Marker
Kazakoff Mary –   – No Marker
Kazakoff Masha A. 1891 1921 No Marker
Kazakoff Nastia –   – No Marker
Kazakoff Nikolai F. Jan. 1891 Apr. 20, 1956 No Marker
Makortoff Doonya 1862  – No Marker
Makortoff Peter 1862 Jul. 24, 1948 No Marker
Malloff Nikola N.  –  – No Marker
Negreiff Paranya I. 1857 1933 No Marker
Negreiff William W. 1852 1942 No Marker
Novokshonoff Bill  – –  No Marker
Ozeroff Doonya  – –  No Marker
Ozeroff Harry W. Dec. 17, 1931 Apr. 21, 1949  
Ozeroff Tanya  – –  No Marker
Ozeroff William  – –  No Marker
Plaksin Annie  – –  No Marker
Plaksin Helen 1904 1918 No Marker
Plaksin Paul  – –  No Marker
Semenoff Dora Apr. 6, 1855 Nov. 7, 1951 No Marker
Semenoff Helen 1883 –  No Marker
Semenoff Masha  – –  No Marker
Semenoff Matroosha  – –  No Marker
Semenoff Mike –  No Marker
Semenoff Toonka  – –  No Marker
Shields Brian 1937 1987 Private plot adjacent to cemetery 
Shishkin  Lizaveta 1841 –  No Marker
Shishkin Filip 1835 –  No Marker
Zibin Alex  – –  No Marker
Zibin Fedosia  – –  No Marker
Zibin Fred V.  – –  No Marker
Zibin Fred W. 1928 2004  
Zibin George –  –  No Marker
Zibin Loosha W. 1904 Jun. 30, 1942 No Marker
Zibin Maria S. –  –  No Marker
Zibin Masha I. 1882 1959  
Zibin Nick W. 1930 1997  
Zibin Nikolai N. –  –  No Marker
Zibin Paul N. 1908 Feb. 6, 1940 No Marker
Zibin Peter P. 1880 –  No Marker
Zibin Peter S. 1855 –  No Marker
Zibin Semyen –  –  No Marker
Zibin Semyen N. Apr. 19, 1881 Oct. 8, 1957  
Zibin Tanya (Malasha) –  –  No Marker
Zibin Walter J. Nov. 7, 1944 May 24, 1948 No Marker
Zibin William W. –  –  No Marker

View of the cemetery from the northeast corner looking southeast.


Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information including: marker transcriptions, burial register, death registrations and oral tradition. Special thanks to Beth and Linda Novokshonoff for assisting with translations. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Sleepy Hollow (Ubezhishche) Cemetery, please contact: Lawrna S. Myers.