Terpenia No. 2 (Brook Hill) Cemetery – Blaine Lake District, Saskatchewan

The following is a transcription of Terpenia No. 2 (Brook Hill) Doukhobor Cemetery located 9 miles south of Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan. Rural Municipality of Blaine Lake No. 434. Land location: NE 12-43-7 West of Third. Latitude: 52°41.767. Longitude: 106°52.595. Transcribed by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff on July 27, 2006. 

View of the cemetery from the northeast facing southwest.

Historical Background

Terpenia (Terpeniye) Cemetery (No. 2) was established in 1911 by the Doukhobors living in the vicinity of the former Terpeniye village near Blaine Lake. Located in the rook Hill School District No. 3928 (1917-1954), it also came to be known as Brook Hill Cemetery. It is still in active use today.  It is privately owned and is maintained by a cemetery committee. The cemetery is in very good condition.


The cemetery is two acres in size and is unenclosed except for a wire fence on the east side. There are open gates on the east and north sides. The cemetery contains approximately 70 interments in a single section comprised of three rows facing east-west. Approximately 35 graves have no marker and the mounds have been leveled. These remain unidentified. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are typically plain slate, marble or concrete upright headstones or flat markers set flush to the ground. Click here for an online cemetery map.

Driving Directions

To access the cemetery, travel south from the Town of Blaine Lake on Highway No. 12 for 9 miles (14.5 km). The cemetery is on the west side of the road allowance. This cemetery is on private property and permission to access should be obtained by the owners.


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Chemelnyk Kathy J. Jun. 21, 1968 Jun. 22, 1968
Coulic Lloyd M. Sep. 19, 1934 May 4, 1935
Dargin John 1912 1975 aka Popoff
Dargin Nadjia E. Sawarin 1933 1987  
Dargin Nick W. 1904 1964 aka Popoff
Dargin Pauline 1914 1935 aka Popoff
Dargin Vona L. Christal 1966 2003  
Dargin Wasyl Oct. 20, 1863 Apr. 22, 1933 aka Popov
Esakin Anne 1902 1990  
Esakin Bill 1898 1975  
Esakin Fred No Marker
Esakin Gertrude 1917 2004  
Esakin Glenda R. 1955 1960  
Esakin John 1872 1942
Esakin John 1940 Vacant
Esakin Mary 1882 1968  
Esakin Nettie 1928 2002  
Esakin Peter 1931 Vacant
Esakin Steve 1928 2000
Esakin Tim 1910 2002  
Esakin Trent 1969 2001  
Esakin Walt 1936 1974
Estigoy Donna A. 1951 1977
Karaloff Peter N. 1910 1978
Kostuk Mabel 1910 1937
Kouznitsoff Alex 1890 1950  
Kouznitsoff Hrunia 1894 1949 Wife of Alex – Nee Dorafeeff
Pachnowski Grace Aug. 31, 1934 Jul. 23, 1998 Nee Wasilenko
Pidwerbetsky Randall W. 1954 1989  
Pidwerbetsky Ruby L. Christal Dargin 1931 2004  
Popoff Alex W. 1894 1972 aka Dargin
Popoff Fred W. 1906 1954 aka Dargin
Popoff Mary W. 1884 1971 aka Dargin – Nee Perepelkin
Popoff Tania 1902 1949 aka Dargin
Popoff Wasil W. 1881 1973 aka Dargin
Salekin Mary J. 1886 1974 Wife of Nick – Nee Karaloff
Salekin Mike 1888 1976  
Salekin Nick May 6, 1859 May 19, 1941  
Serhienko Irene 1902 1944 Wife of Jacob – Nee Kardash
Serhienko Jacob 1895 1977
Serhienko John 1894 1953
Serhienko Nastia 1891 1970 Wife of John – Nee Dargin (Popoff)
Vereshagin Gordon L. Aug. 23, 1938 Oct. 26, 1938  
Wasilenko John 1910 1996
Wasilenko Katie V. 1910 1996 Wife of John – Nee Deduke
Wasilenko Peter P. 1912 1986

View of the cemetery from the north facing south.


Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information including marker transcriptions. I have photos of the headstones and would be happy to share them. Special thanks to Carrie E. Stevenson for assisting in identifying additional interments. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Terpenia No. 2 (Brook Hill) Cemetery, please contact Jonathan J. Kalmakoff.