Slavanka Cemetery – Blaine Lake District, Saskatchewan

The following is a transcription of Slavanka Doukhobor Cemetery located 10 miles east of Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan. Rural Municipality of Blaine Lake No. 434. Land location: NE 17-44-5 West of Third. Latitude: 52°47.468. Longitude: 106°40.863. Transcribed by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff on July 27, 2006. 

View of the cemetery from the southeast facing northeast.

Historical Background

Slavanka (aka Slavianka) Cemetery was established in 1901 by the Doukhobors of Slavianka village near Blaine Lake. After the abandonment of the village in 1911, the cemetery continued to be used by Doukhobors living in the Slavanka School District No. 2279 (1912-1956) and is still in active use today.  It is privately owned and is maintained by a cemetery committee. The cemetery is in very good condition.


The cemetery is two acres in size and is enclosed by a wire fence. There is an iron gate on the east side. The cemetery contains approximately 100 interments in a single section comprised of five rows facing east-west. Approximately 34 of the graves have no marker and the mounds have been levelled. These remain unidentified. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are typically plain slate, marble or concrete upright headstones or flat markers set flush to the ground. Click here for an online cemetery map.

Driving Directions

To access the cemetery, travel east from the Town of Blaine Lake on Township Road No. 445 for 8 miles (12.8 km). Then turn south on Range Road No. 3054 and continue for 2 1/2 miles (4.0 km). The cemetery is on the west side of the road allowance. This cemetery is on private property and permission to access should be obtained by the owners.


SurnameNameBirth DateDeath DateComments
AtamanenkoNick J.18941983 
AtamanenkoPauline19031987Wife of Nick – Nee Osachoff
BludoffAnastasia18811933Wife of Sam – Nee Karaloff
BludoffLiza18801954Wife of Nick – Nee Kabaroff
BludoffNick D.18791952 
BludoffPeter S.19101983
BludoffSam D.18811957 
BonderoffGregory W.18741949
BonderoffJohn G.Jul. 31, 1894May 3, 1978 
BonderoffJohn I.19201986 
BonderoffMaryOct. 2, 1895Aug. 25, 1957Wife of John – Nee Kabatoff
BonderoffPearl S.18731952Wife of Gregory – Nee Kanigan
BonderoffPeter G.19071988
BonderoffWalterMar. 17, 1928Oct. 1, 1928 
BonderoffWilliam J.Jun. 21, 1931Nov. 7, 1954 
ChudskovFred J.19241980 
ChutskoffIvan W.18621940
ChutskoffMary18931952Wife of John – Nee Perehudoff
ChutskoffWilliam J.19151982
KabaroffDan18751944Note: Error on tombstone. Correct year of birth: 1885
KabaroffElizabeth19162001Wife of Fred – Nee Vereschagin
KabaroffJohn D.19051961 
KabaroffLorne A.Nov. 2, 1952 
KabaroffMary18841970Wife of Dan – Nee Bonderoff
KabaroffTrevorAug. 19, 1943
KabaroffViolet B.19141993Wife of John – Nee Androsoff
KaniganAnna18761942Wife of Nickolai
KaniganJohn N.19021978 
KaniganNickolai S.18741936 
KaraloffJohn S.Dec. 11, 1943Private No. 12 District Depot
KaraloffWilliam W.18941920 
ObchanskyTepan G.18951956
OsachoffAnastasiaApr. 18, 1872Jun. 28, 1957Wife of Sam – Nee Kanigan
OsachoffEmma19031985Wife of N.S. – Nee Sookerokoff
OsachoffN.S.Nov. 22, 1901Oct. 2, 1938 
OsachoffSam F.18711951 
OsachoffTena M.19231996
OsachoffWalter N.19241991
SherstobetoffAlex A.19111979
SherstobetoffAlex N.18881968 
SherstobetoffDora18901974Wife of Alex – Nee Markin
SherstobetoffEli (Hank)Feb. 3, 1943May 6, 2005 
SherstobetoffHelen A.19161963Wife of Alex
SherstobetoffJames N.Mar. 15, 1885Jul. 6, 1967
SherstobetoffMaryAug. 4, 1885Mar. 24, 1962Wife of James – Nee Salikin
SherstobetoffSergieJan. 23, 1940Mar. 1, 1995 
SherstobetoffWalter A.19221926 
SipkoPolly N.19001954Nee Bludoff
SipkoVictor D.1928Nov. 6, 1993Died – age 65 years
StupnikoffHazelAug. 22, 1917May 17, 2006Nee Kabaroff
StupnikoffNicholas G.Apr. 26, 1914Feb. 9, 2001
StupnikoffRonald R.May 3, 1939Aug. 9, 2000
View of the cemetery commemorative cairn.


Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information including marker transcriptions. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Slavanka Cemetery, please contact Jonathan J. Kalmakoff.