Nadezhda Cemetery – Veregin District, Saskatchewan

The following is a transcription of the Nadezhda Doukhobor Cemetery located 7 1/2 miles north-east of Veregin, Saskatchewan. Rural Municipality of Keys No. 303. Land location: NW 24-31-1 West of Second (New Section) & NE 23-31-1 West of Second (Old Section). Latitude: 51°40.591. Longitude: 102°01.805. Transcribed by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff on July 11, 2004. Updated January 18, 2006.

View of the cemetery from the north facing south. Note the main section (left) and old section (right).

Historical Background

Nadezhda (aka Nadojda) Cemetery was established in 1899 by the Doukhobors of Nadezhda village. Following the Dominion Land Survey of 1907, the cemetery was moved from the old section to the new section in order to accommodate the road allowance.  After the abandonment of the village in 1940, the cemetery continued to be used by local Doukhobors and is still in active use today. It is privately owned and is well maintained. 


The cemetery is approximately one acre in size and is enclosed by a shelterbelt of mature spruce trees. There is a single iron gate. The main section of the cemetery contains 83 interments in eight rows facing east-west. An older section across the road contains an additional 7 interments. There are 90 interments in total. Over half the graves (50) have no marker and the mounds have been leveled. I have used the cemetery plot map, death certificates and oral tradition to identify 22 of these. The remaining 28 unmarked graves are unidentified. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are typically plain, upright marble or slate headstones. Click here for an online cemetery map.

Driving Directions


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments


Annie No Marker
Cazakoff Fedosia Aug. 7, 1927 Nee Savinkoff – No Marker
Cazakoff Wasilii Nov. 15, 1926 No Marker
Dootoff Peter F. 1875 Jun. 26, 1950 No Marker
Holukoff Ivan 1842 1924 Died age 82 years – No Marker


Nastya 1886 1952


Pete 1914


Polly 1914 Wife of Pete


No Marker

Lebedeff *

Matvey W. Jan. 6, 1873 Jul. 24, 1937 Doukhobor Martyr

Mahonin *

John L. 1924


Mabel 1938 No Marker


M.N. 1917


Dora 1904 1999
Novikoff Pologea W. 1918 Nee Cazakoff – No Marker


Helen Marker worn and indecipherable
Popoff Anna 1874 1903 Old Section – No Marker


Kuzma 1872 1958


Mary 1874 1955 Wife of Kuzma
Reilkoff John No Marker


George 1959 No Marker
Satkoff Paranya Wife of George – No Marker


Metro No Marker


Peter D. 1910 1956 No Marker


Polly No Marker
Sukorokoff Maria Jul. 2, 1911 Feb. 15, 1941 No Marker


Fred M. Jul. 24, 1878 Feb. 25, 1942


Polly A. 1876 1958 Wife of Fred

Vereschagin *

George M. 1863 Apr. 12, 1933


Wasyl 1889 1960
Voikin Annie M. Sep. 13, 1941 No Marker


Laura F. 1880 1944 Wife of Nick


Nick K. 1890 1945


Annie W. 1885 1964 Wife of Wasyl

Zarchikoff *

Fred W. 1881 1952

Zarchikoff *

Joe W. Jun. 9, 1947 Note: Error on tombstone. Correct year of death: 1945

Zarchikoff *

Mary N. 1882 1946 Wife of Fred

Zarchikoff *

Wasyl W. Jun. 1881 1949


Feodor S. 1904 Apr. 3, 1928  No Marker


Florence No Marker


Ivan S. 1904 Apr. 3, 1925 No Marker
Zeibin Ivan 1877 1904 Old Section – No Marker


Laura 1904 Apr. 12, 1928 Nee Holoboff
Zeibin Peter No Marker
Zeibin Semeon 1818 1903 Old Section – No Marker

*Translated from Russian.

View of the cemetery gate from the road facing east.

Grave of Matvey V. Lebedeff, first Doukhobor military conscript to refuse to bear arms in 1895.

View of the cemetery from the east looking west. Note the large number of unmarked grave plots


Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information, including: marker transcriptions, cemetery plot map, death certificates, local histories and oral tradition. I have photos for most of the headstones and would be happy to share them. Special thanks to Mike Zeebin for assisting in locating the old section of the cemetery and for identifying additional interments. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Nadezhda Cemetery, please contact Jonathan J. Kalmakoff.