Meadowdale Cemetery – Canora District, Saskatchewan

The following is a transcription of the Meadowdale Cemetery located 8 miles north-east of Canora, Saskatchewan. Rural Municipality of Keys No. 303. Land location: NW 34-31-3 West of Second. Latitude: 51°45.088. Longitude: 102°20.983. Transcribed by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff with Fred S. Petroff and Fred J. Strelieff on April 30, 2005.

View of the cemetery from the north facing south.

Historical Background

Meadowdale Cemetery was established in 1918 by Independent Doukhobors living in the Meadowdale School District north-east of Canora, Saskatchewan. It was used by local Doukhobors until 1944. It is no longer in active use. The cemetery was restored in 2003-2004 and since that time has been well maintained. It is privately owned.


The cemetery is approximately a tenth of an acre in size and is enclosed by a wire fence. There is an open gate on the north side. The cemetery contains 17 interments in a single section comprised of five rows facing east-west. The majority of graves (11) have no marker and the mounds have been leveled. For these, I have used the cemetery register and death certificates to identify the interments. The six grave markers are plain, upright marble and slate headstones. Click here for an online cemetery map.

Driving Directions

To access the cemetery, travel 5 miles (8.1 km) north of Canora, Saskatchewan on Highway No. 9. Then turn east on Secondary Route No. 754 for 3 1/2 miles (5.6 km). The cemetery is on the south side of the road allowance. The cemetery is on private property and permission to access should be obtained by the owners.


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Barisoff Esther F. Sep. 1917 Dec. 11, 1918 No Marker
Drazdoff John P. 1898 No Marker
Horkoff Hanya A. Apr. 1, 1882 Jun. 6, 1926
Kazakoff Mollie I. 1862 Sep. 11, 1927 No Marker
Malloff Annie Dec. 14, 1925 Jan. 29, 1941 No Marker
Malloff Mack 1893 Jan. 7, 1939 No Marker
Negraeff Christine No Marker
Negraeff Mary J. 1858 Feb. 23, 1937
Negraeff Peter M. 1856 1937
Reilkoff Irene No Marker
Saliken Annie M. 1871 May 5, 1944
Saliken John M. 1872 Sep. 3, 1925
Saliken Michael No Marker
Savenkoff Molly No Marker
Swetleshnoff Fred P. 1849 Mar. 19, 1910
Swetleshnoff Mary S. 1847 Feb. 27, 1928
Swetleshnoff Wasyl N. 1838 No Marker

View from the cemetery gate facing south.

View from the south-east corner of the cemetery facing north-west. Note the recent clearing.

View of the cemetery from the west facing east.


Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information, including: marker transcriptions, cemetery register and death certificates. I have photos of the headstones and would be happy to share them. Special thanks to Peter Negraeff for assisting in identifying additional interments. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Meadowdale Cemetery, please contact Jonathan J. Kalmakoff.