Hilliers Doukhobor Cemetery – Hilliers, British Columbia

The following is a transcription of Hilliers Doukhobor Cemetery located at 770 Stevens Road, Hilliers, British Columbia. Land location: Lot 7, District Lot 92, Newcastle District, Plan 2032. Latitude: 49°17.430. Longitude: 124°21.502. Compiled on April 16, 2007 by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff. Additional information by Lou and Janet Biggemann. Updated on October 1, 2007.  

View of the cemetery site from the trail looking west. Note the significant underbrush.

Historical Background

Hilliers Doukhobor Cemetery was established in 1946 to serve the Hilliers Doukhobor Colony, also known as the Union of Christ Colony.  Following the demise of the short-lived colony in 1952, the cemetery continued to be used by the owners of the property. It is privately owned and maintained and is still in active use today.


The cemetery is approximately fifty feet square in size and is enclosed by a wooden fence. There is an open gate on the east side. There is dense underbrush throughout. The cemetery contains 15 interments in a single section comprised of three rows facing east-west. The majority of graves (12) have no marker, however, many of the mounds are still clearly visible. We have used death certificates and oral tradition to identify these. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are flat slate markers set flush with the ground and upright metal markers.

Driving Directions

The cemetery is located at 770 Stevens Road.  To access the cemetery from Hilliers, travel west on Alberni Highway (No. 4).  Then turn right (north) onto Melrose Road and continue for 130 meters (142 yards).  You will cross over railroad tracks. Turn right (north) onto Stevens Road and continue for approximately 1 km (.62 miles) on gravel road to the power line. Then turn right on the foot path and continue for approximately 30 meters (100 feet). The cemetery is located on the right-hand side of the foot path.


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Cheveldeeff Nikola N. 1866 Jan. 21, 1951  No Marker
Cheveldeeff Dora  1865 Feb. 27, 1950  No Marker
DeCandole Corry A. 1905 1985  
Kuznetsoff John May 30, 1876 Feb. 28, 1949  No Marker
Makortoff Tanya Sep. 17, 1864 Aug. 2, 1954  No Marker
Makortoff Michael 1866      Apr. 12, 1951  No Marker
Maloff Nicola I. Jan. 8, 1871 Dec. 22, 1948  No Marker
Nazaroff Child – No Marker
Priestman David D. 1882 1951  
Samarodin Old Lady – No Marker
Savinkoff Sam K. Feb. 28, 1950  
Verigin Alex J. 1878   Apr. 25, 1948 No Marker
Verigin Michael J. 1884 Jul. 28, 1951 aka Archangel – No Marker
Zarubin Anna Sep. 10, 1951 No Marker
Zarubin John I. Feb. 9, 1862 Oct. 21, 1951  No Marker

View of the cemetery sign near the main gate.

View of the cemetery from the west looking east toward the main gate.

View of the cemetery from the east looking west toward the old gate. Note the unmarked burial mounds.


Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information including: marker transcriptions, death registrations and oral tradition. I have photos of the headstones and would be happy to share them. Special thanks to Tom Sohier for assisting in locating the cemetery and to Lawrna Myers, Lisa Poznikoff and Edna Sapriken for assisting in identifying interments. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Hilliers Doukhobor Cemetery please Jonathan J. Kalmakoff.