Gilpin Cemetery (No. 1) – Gilpin, British Columbia

The following is a transcription of the Gilpin Cemetery (No. 1) located in Gilpin, British Columbia. Land location: District Lot 2733, Group 1, Similkameen Division, Yale District Plan 6174A, Except Part Known As RW Of The VV and E Railway. Latitude: 49° 00.472. Longitude: 118° 19.047. Transcribed by Lawrna S. Myers with Katie Slastukin, Joe Kazakoff, Vera Dutoff and John Reibin in September 2001. Updated in April 2005 . 

View of the cemetery from the west edge facing east.

Historical Background

Gilpin Cemetery (No. 1) was established in 1937 by Sons of Freedom Doukhobors to serve the community of Gilpin. It is in active use. It is privately owned by the Crown and is leased to the community.


The cemetery is approximately a tenth of an acre in size and is unenclosed. It is somewhat overgrown. The cemetery contains approximately 98 interments in a single section comprised of twelve rows facing east-west. The majority of graves (90) have no marker other than funeral home tags.  Many of the mounds are still clearly visible. We have used death registrations and oral tradition to identify 42 unmarked graves. The remaining unmarked graves are unidentified. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are typically plain concrete or wooden upright headstones or flat markers set flush to the ground. The majority of markers, however, Click here for an online cemetery map.

Driving Directions

To access the cemetery, travel on Gilpin Road in Gilpin, British Columbia. After coming to the three-way fork, take the right road and continue (across the railway tracks) for approximately 20 m (21.8 yards).  At the next fork, take the right road leading towards the mountain and continue for approximately .5 km (.3 mile).  At the next fork, take the left road leading straight up the mountain and continue for approximately 1 km (.6 mile).  The cemetery is on right side of the road allowance. Note that a four-wheel drive vehicle is required.


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Astoforoff Mary 1914 1985 No Marker
Astoforoff Pete 1911 1987 No Marker
Boyoff Fred May 20, 1949 No Marker
Chernoff Paul D. Jun. 1891 Apr. 17, 1962
Chernoff Winnie 1894 1989
Demenoff Harry 1932 1995 No Marker
Dutoff Alexander 1894 Oct. 27, 1968 No Marker
Dutoff Annie No Marker
Dutoff Bill No Marker
Dutoff Polly Jan. 10, 1886 Nov. 29, 1980 No Marker
Elasoff Bill No Marker
Fedosoff George Jun. 24, 1950 No Marker
Hoodicoff Fred 1919 1993 Faded Marker
Kazakoff Karl Aug. 1885 Jun. 16, 1970 No Marker
Kazakoff Nastya Nov. 1884 Aug. 4, 1977 No Marker
Lebedoff Walter Aug. 13, 1930 Jul. 10, 1983 No Marker
Markin George G. Jun. 22, 1933 Aug. 24, 1977 No Marker
Markin Leonard 1939 1989 No Marker
Markin Mary 1913 1994 No Marker
Novochonoff Tiny 1891 Nov. 13, 1955 No Marker
Novokshonoff Nellie 1909 1989 No Marker
Novokshonoff William M. Dec. 1893 Nov. 19, 1959 No Marker
Pereverzoff Peter P. 1932 1979
Podovinikoff Bill No Marker
Popoff Fanny Wooden board
Popoff Hannah (Helen) Jun. 1, 1890 Mar. 3, 1963
Popoff John Wooden board
Popoff Sam J. Aug. 25, 1951 Wooden board
Rezansoff Paul 1906 1987 No Marker
Savinkoff John 1913 1996 No Marker
Savinkoff Lucy W. Apr. 5, 1915 May 12, 1977 No Marker
Savinkoff Molly Apr. 30, 1879 Apr. 14, 1975 No Marker
Savinkoff Tina 1901 1992 No Marker
Savinkoff William (Bill) Jul. 25, 1915 Jan. 1, 1976 No Marker
Slastukin Peter No Marker
Stoopnikoff Nick Dec. 1868 Dec. 30, 1955 No Marker
Stoopnikoff Mrs. No Marker
Storjeoff No Marker
Storjeoff Florence 1910 1988 No Marker
Storjeoff Lloyd 1910 1989 No Marker
Storjeoff Walter No Marker
Stroloff Anna 1914 2004
Stroloff Pete Jul. 18, 1909 Nov. 11, 1995
Swetlishoff Bill No Marker
Swetlishoff Fred Mar. 1905 Apr. 24, 1961 No Marker
Swetlishoff Fred No Marker
Tamilin Mary 1911 Mar. 30, 1948 No Marker
Tomilin Anastasia Aug. 1888 Jan. 19, 1976 No Marker
Tomilin Cecil No Marker
Tomilin Cecil S. Mar. 23, 1914 Dec. 1, 1978 No Marker
Tomlin Peter 1941 1995 No Marker
Tomilin Savely Nov. 18, 1888 Sep. 20, 1975 No Marker

View of the north-west corner of the cemetery.


Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information including: marker transcriptions, oral tradition and death registrations. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Gilpin Cemetery (No. 1), please contact: Lawrna S. Myers.