Canora Cemetery


Doukhobors in the Canora Cemetery – Canora, Saskatchewan

The following is a transcription of the Doukhobors interred in the Canora Cemetery in Canora, Saskatchewan. Land location: 31-30-3 West of Second. Note this is a partial transcription of this cemetery. Transcribed by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff on October 29, 2005.

View of the cemetery from the north facing south.

Historical Background

The Canora Cemetery was established in 1904. Since that time, it has been used by Doukhobors living in the town and surrounding area.

It is owned and managed by the Town of Canora. The cemetery is in very good condition.


The cemetery is approximately eight acres in size and is enclosed by a shelterbelt of mature spruce and elm trees. It is comprised of four sections (Catholic, Orthodox, Interdenominational and Russian) with rows facing east-west. The Russian section
contains over 575 Doukhobor interments.

Driving Directions

The Canora Cemetery is located on Highway No. 9 in Canora, Saskatchewan. The cemetery is on the east side of the highway. This cemetery is open to the public.

Surname Index

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View of the Russian section of the cemetery from the east facing west.

Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information including: marker transcriptions. This is not a transcription of the entire Canora Cemetery nor is it intended to be. If readers have any comments,
corrections or additions with respect to the Doukhobors interred in the Canora Cemetery, please contact JonathanJ. Kalmakoff.

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