Champion Creek (Blagodatnoye) Doukhobor Cemetery – Castlegar District, British Columbia

The following is a transcription of the Champion Creek (Blagodatnoye) Cemetery located 5 kilometres south of Castlegar, British Columbia. Land location: Sub-lot 26, District Lot 4598, Kootenay District Plan X-34. Latitude: 49° 13.420. Longitude: 117° 40.419. Transcribed by Lawrna S. Myers and Pat Picton on September 19, 2002. Updated March 7, 2005 with William Kavaloff. 

View of the cemetery plaque and gate. Photo courtesy Greg Nesteroff.

Historical Background

Blagodatnoye Cemetery was established in 1912 by the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood ("CCUB") to serve the Blagodatnoye settlement area. Located along Champion Creek, it also came to be known as Champion Creek Doukhobor Cemetery. After the demise of the CCUB in 1937-1939, the cemetery continued to be used by its successor organization, the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ ("USCC") until the 1970’s. It is no longer in active use. The cemetery is privately owned and maintained by the USCC Cemetery Association. It was restored in 2000.


The cemetery is approximately two acres in size and is enclosed by a wire fence with a single iron gate. It is partially wooded. The cemetery contains approximately 120 interments in a single section comprised of nine rows facing east-west. The majority of graves (108) have no marker and the mounds have been leveled. Some mounds are marked by piles of rock. We have used death registrations to identify 52 unmarked graves. The remaining 56 or so unmarked graves are unidentified. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are typically plain slate, marble or concrete upright headstones or flat markers set flush to the ground. Click here for an online cemetery map.

Driving Directions

To access the cemetery, travel south from Castlegar on Highway No. 3 towards Salmo. Turn right at Columbia Road and continue for approximately 1 km (.6 mile). Turn left at Prairie Road and continue for approximately 3 km (1.9 mile) to the end of the pavement, then continue for approximately 2 km (1.2 mile) to the locked gate. (Note that the road is paved for a several kilometres before turning into a dirt road. The road parallels the river, heading towards Trail). Once at the locked gate, continue on foot for approximately 2 km (1.2 mile). Where the road splits, continue along the lower road to the right which ends in front of the cemetery entrance. The cemetery is on private property and permission to access should be obtained by the owners.


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Androsoff Andrew S. Oct 1871 Jul 12, 1963 No Marker
Androsoff Avdotia Apr 10, 1884 Jun 19, 1958 Nee Swetlikoff – No Marker
Bulanoff Andrew 1869 No Marker
Bulanoff Daria 1869 Wife of Andrew – No Marker
Chernenkoff Lukeria P. 1866 Wife of Nickolai – No Marker
Chernenkoff Nickolai P. 1865 No Marker
Fofanoff Anuta P. Jul 1894 May 17, 1968 Nee Popoff – No Marker
Fofanoff Pete P. Jul 21, 1891 May 29, 1854 No Marker
Fofanoff William P. Sep 30, 1922 Dec 20, 1944 No Marker
Fofonoff Petro No Marker
Fofonoff Mrs. Petro Wife of Petro – No Marker
Kalesnikoff Mary Jul 14, 1937 Jul 3, 1944 Child of Peter – No Marker
Kalesnikoff Molly Jul 23, 1870 Sep 24, 1941 Wife of William – No Marker
Kalesnikoff William J. 1871 Apr 23, 1943 No Marker
Kavaloff Andrew J. 1871 Sep 9, 1943  
Kavaloff Barbara Apr 15, 1950 Feb 9, 1951 Child of William
Kavaloff Dora J. 1870 1926 Nee Reibin – Wife of Andrew
Malikoff Stephan S. Abt. 1863 1914 No Marker
Malikoff Stephan Abt. 1845 No Marker
Ozeroff William P. 1856 Nov 19, 1949 No Marker
Ozeroff Mary Wife of William – No Marker
Popoff Alyosha Apr 18, 1952 No Marker
Popoff Hanya Apr 28, 1875 Apr 26, 1942 Nee Malikoff – No Marker
Popoff Malanya 1918 Child of Alex – No Marker
Popoff Peter A. Apr 21, 1942 Jan 26, 1949 Child of Alex – No Marker
Postnikoff Agafia 1882 Sep 11, 1957 Wife of Larry
Postnikoff Alex 1911 1971  
Postnikoff Annie Bef. 1926 Aft. 1928 Child of Alkokim – No Marker
Postnikoff Dunya 1884 1936 Nee Zibin – No Marker
Postnikoff Elsie Child of Aldokim – No Marker
Postnikoff F.V. Jun 15, 1902 Aug 1, 1954  
Postnikoff Harry Oct 9, 1947 Dec 7, 1949 Child of Sam – No Marker
Postnikoff Johnny Bef. 1924 Bef. 1928 Child of Aldokim – No Marker
Postnikoff Larry J. Jun 10, 1879 Apr 28, 1966 No Marker
Postnikoff Luba Child of Aldokim – No Marker
Postnikoff  Martha M. 1862 Nee Bloodoff – No Marker
Postnikoff Mary 1864 Sep 1, 1949 Nee Perehudoff – No Marker
Postnikoff Molly Feb 5, 1932 Child of Andrew – No Marker
Postnikoff Natasha Bef. 1927 Bef. 1928 Child of Aldokim – No Marker
Postnikoff Pete A. Apr 10, 1914 Jun 2, 1933 Child of Andrew – No Marker
Postnikoff William P. Dec 10, 1896 Jul 25, 1955  
Postnikoff William J. Apr 2, 1866 Apr 3, 1953 No Marker
Postnikoff Zachari Abt. 1863 No Marker
Reibin John S. 1846 1920  
Reibin Mary J. 1849 1921 Nee Shukin – Wife of John
Repin Katrina May 5, 1878 Apr 11, 1955 Nee Zbitneff – No Marker
Semenoff Charles R. Mar 22, 1936 May 9, 1936 Child of John – No Marker
Sofonoff Alex J. Apr 8, 1919 Oct 31, 1945  
Sofonoff Mikisha 1870 No Marker
Sofonoff Polly J. Aug 1, 1871 Oct 10, 1943 Nee Nechvolodoff – No Marker
Stoopnikoff Margaret Child of Joe – No Marker
Zeboroff Fanny Wife of John – No Marker
Zeboroff Fred E. Nov 25, 1898 Dec 31, 1969  
Zeboroff Grace Sep 12, 1938 Jun 18, 1944 Child of Fred – No Marker
Zeboroff John Abt. 1838 Aug 12, 1928 No Marker
Zeboroff John Jan 1, 1912 Apr 27, 1972 No Marker
Zeboroff Mary Apr 28, 1940 Sep 1, 1940 Child of Fred – No Marker
Zeboroff Pearl Apr 12, 1887 Jul 10, 1960 Nee Gritchen – No Marker
Zeboroff Pete W. Oct 1, 1908 Feb 5, 1957 No Marker
Zeboroff William I. Jun 1, 1886 Jun 12, 1966 No Marker

View of the cemetery from the west facing east. Note it is partially wooded.

View of the cemetery plaque at gate. 


Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information, including: marker transcriptions, oral tradition and death registrations. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Champion Creek (Blagodatnoye) Cemetery, please contact: Lawrna S. Myers.