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District: Langham
Province: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
In 1899, Doukhobors established a village at The Elbow on the North Saskatchewan River in the present Langham district of Saskatchewan. It was initially named Kirilovka (Кириловка) after the village in Kars, Russia from whence they came. It was also known as Seredinaya Kirilovka (Серединая Кириловка) meaning “middle Kirilovka” to describe its relative location. By 1901, it was renamed Bogdanovka (Богдановка) after the village in Tiflis, Russia where many of the families originated twenty years earlier. Thereafter, it was also known as Vtoroye Selo (Второе Село) meaning “second village” in Russian to describe its relative location. The village had a gristmill. It was abandoned by 1917 as villagers relocated to individual homesteads or to British Columbia. (1905 pop. 131) [NW20-39-8-W3] [52.37428° N, -107.12845° W]



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